Searching for Spring (Monochrome Monday)

This tree stands beside our summer-house in the back yard. Each winter I look at it in its current state wondering if it will come back to life or remain perpetually in readiness for spring.

If it was to remain in this perpetual state of readiness, one ponders the possibility of it being painted silver. It could be a garden ornament for 10 months of the year then an arty-farty Christmas tree for the remaining two. Waste not want not!






Unexpected Hint of Red (A Photo a Week Challenge: Red)

Standing in the middle of the Grand Canyon, swamped by the surrounding grandeur, colours muted from the dust, seeing this burst of vivid red hidden within the tendrils of this plant was an unexpected surprise.


 Initially I thought this plant was a cactus but after an hour of googling, unfortunately I still haven’t found a name for it. Anyways, RED is this week’s A Photo a Week Challenge from Nancy Merrill Photography.





Sullied Succulent (Macro Monday)

Growing up back in last century, every house had a collection of terracotta pots and old tin cans overflowing with a variety of succulents. Ours were all stacked at the bottom of the back-stairs along with the begonias.


Now it would appear succulents have been deemed almost exotic. This one I discovered quite by accident growing in the Chihuly gardens. A miniature amidst the giants of Chihuly’s works.




Strangler Figs in Their Prime (Monochrome Monday)

Strangler Figs have always fascinated me. Not that I like them by any stretch of the imagination. However, its aerial roots, searching for a foot-hold anywhere, command my attention whenever I see them.

Strangler Figs in their Prime

In this instance I may have edited just a wee bit too much but I really wanted to highlight how this plant strangles its host tree. Such a silent yet quite deadly predator.

At one of my homes in Brisbane (Australia), there was a beautiful old Jacaranda Tree in the front yard when I first moved in. By the time we sold the house just a few years later, it was all Ficus. So, so sad.




Just one Dew Drop… if you dare! (Wordless Wednesday)

Dew drop if you dare...

Love a good Fuchsia!

For me there is nothing quite like a Fuchsia in full bloom. Last year we were lucky enough to have a Fuchsia plant in almost half of our hanging flower pots but this year we have only one pot containing a Fuchsia which is the very reason I bought it!

I had to have at least one Fuchsia but after almost a month I was beginning to wonder if I’d been given incorrect information until

My budding fuchsia!

Yes, summer is officially here. I’m not sure when their official flowering time is but for me, whenever I see a Fuchsia in full-bloom I think of summer in Kitimat.

LOVE the Fuchsia!

Another reason I adore Fuchsia is that my hummingbirds also seem to adore them but as I’ve created what seems like a little shrine for this plant this year, it appears the hummingbirds aren’t comfortable with this location.

You never know though, summer is only just upon us and the buds only just beginning to bloom so perhaps the hummingbirds will have a change of heart but… “mum, how much longer?”

Happy Birthday Victoria!

Today we are celebrating the birth of Queen Victoria (the actual date being May 24, 1819) who, for many a Canadian back in the day, was considered the “mother of confederation“. Queen Victoria’s reign of 63 years and 7 months  has given her the title of both longest reigning British monarch and longest reigning FEMALE monarch ANYWHERE, ANYTIME… not that much longer before old Queen Liz II takes those titles. Always good to have incentive isn’t it?!

Our Victoria Day was a little of everything beginning at 12.30 this morning when I received a call from Master Eleven, who was having a sleep-over at a mates. He was complaining of a sore throat and thought perhaps his tonsils had flared up again. Poor thing could barely speak when I collected him his throat was so sore. Consequently a trip up to the hospital today was made for drugs to alleviate the pain.

Although a statutory holiday for most, Darling Hubby still needed to go into work for a few hours. This is what greeted him when he came out to the dining room this morning before he headed off…

An abundance of Flowers!

You see, Master Eleven’s phone call didn’t wake me as only a tad earlier I was under the impression Miss Poppy was gallivanting outside which had me outside on the back deck calling her. Silly me however as I soon discovered she wasn’t outside and why would she be, it was freezing! I quickly checked the weather on-line and we were heading for an overnight temperature of 0CEL. As you can see, I had quite a number of hanging baskets outside that quickly needed to come inside.

Anyways, by late afternoon the new back deck was looking as if it had always been like that. Darling Hubby had spray painted all our plant hangers white yesterday to blended with the new railings. Once up hanging baskets were added, creating a colorful picture. It all looks fabulous!

Our fabulously warm fire-pit!

Being so still this evening the fire pit had a grand christening. We sat around first enjoying a glass of wine after the week-end that was, then with Miss Nine’s encouragement, we ate our BBQ dinner there also which was so very nice. Especially when the Hummingbirds began humming around us and visiting. It was so cool!

Apart from waiting until the floor has totally dried before bringing our BBQ back upstairs and adding the patio cooler, our deck is now complete. No longer will we be taking tentative steps outsides and wondering… “mum, how much longer?”

I might be feeling blue…

but my tree is a beautiful pink – aren’t these flowers an absolute delight to behold?!

Lovin' the Pinks!

This after seeing these incredible puff-balls of clouds amongst the trees this morning really does make one’s life feel blessed.

Have you had your puff-ball today?

Although I have to admit these clouds over to the right of the puff-balls had me thinking. It was as if they’d sprung a leak and were dripping.

Dripping clouds!

Mother Nature shows us that life goes on regardless of our personal circumstances. As for the pain in my shoulder and back well… “mum, how much longer?”

Spring Colors!

It’s when the sun is shining the brightest I think the true colors of Spring truly come out here!

Gorgeous Spring Colors!

Quite honestly, this view out my kitchen window always takes my breath away.

With the colors becoming so vibrant it really feels like Spring is here. There’s certainly no more questioning…”mum, how much longer?”

What a view!

Our EPIC Spring Break Vacation began last night with the red-eye flight from Vancouver to Toronto, yee-hah!

Once again as we were making our way through the airport I questioned my wisdom with this decision of the red-eye but we arrived in Toronto with our shuttle waiting for us, and miracle of miracles, our room at Niagara Falls at 9am ready… BOO YAH… it was SO the correct decision!

This is the view from our room… shocking isn’t it?!

Niagara Falls from our Window

Then tonight in the other direction it looked like this…

Niagara at Night from our Room!

But not before we went walked around Table Rock to see first-hand some of the amazing ice formations made as the mist comes off the falls. I love how only half of the trees form ice!

Guess which way the wind is blowing?!

The grass growing on the falls side of the stone and ironing fencing looks as if it should be growing on the ocean bed.

Alian grass forms!

These balls on the pruned bushes although I didn’t understand the how or why, I sure as heck appreciated the beauty and wonder of mother nature!

I have to ask... what the???

The icing of the fences certainly makes them safer as neither of my buddy little climbers could achieve footing in an attempt to get closer to the falls!

Iced Fences!

For dinner tonight we treated ourselves to an amazing meal at the hotel’s restaurant, Watermark. It was just magnificent (if only we’d taken the camera, lol)!

It never ceases to amaze me the look of astonishment on waiters faces though when our children ask for their steaks medium-rare then proceed to eat every morsel. Oh how I do love our little carnivores!

Having taken the red-eye flight last night we were all so exhausted we couldn’t even stay awake to see “The Illumination” show of lights on Niagara Falls. We were that tired there was not even once utterance of… “mum, how much longer?”