Looking for the Edge (WPC: Edge)

This week we have been experiencing the most spectacular fog of a morning. The photo below was taken at 11am Sunday morning. On a normal day you’d see islands in the background but not so this day. Nor the next day come to think of it!

The water's edge

In this thick fog it’s difficult to determine if there’s even an EDGE between the water and the islands. The contrast of this cargo ship against the fog making the ship’s colours that much more vivid.

Edge being the Weekly Photo Challenge word from The Daily Post.





Oh deer, do you see what I see?! (Monochrome Monday)

Last Sunday we had three deer who spent the day in our backyard. During the morning they ran around, chasing each other like puppies. They’d stand there panting and puffing after each lap around the barbeque shed.

Oh deer do you see what I see

A little later after all their playing they returned to sit and rest. Occasionally they turn their heads to the side to nibble on the grass but for a good couple of hours they were content to simply sit.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to go out onto the deck to take a few snaps. Watching this particular guy reminded me of watching Master Fourteen chew gum at times… only it looked far more becoming on the deer!




It’s a new year, a new view, a new adventure!

Given it was such a rush to the 2015 finish line, it’s nice now to be able to sit back with a nice demitasse, admiring my new view. Be it watching the sun rise, the sun set, or everything in-between, it’s simply glorious!

New Year New View

No longer will Mount Elizabeth be my soothing image whilst I do my dishes. Instead it will be the calming influence of this stretch of water with a hint of snow-covered mountains in the background.

It’s a new year, a new house, and a new adventure… yep, 2016 is shaping up to be a very good year!




Seeing Red! (Flower Friday)


Seeing Red!





Natures Rebooting! (Wordless Wednesday)

Natures Rebooting!


Lifting the Morning Veil! (Wordless Wednesday)

Lifting the Veil on the Morning

Photo Rehab Cover Makeover #13

That time of the week once again for another of Lucile’s and Desley’s wonderful Photo Rehab Cover Makeover challenges and this week it’s… a book cover.

Neither the author nor the title I’m familiar with but as 100% of royalties from this book are going to help the refugees arriving in Europe, for this reason alone it’s worth purchasing. Anyways, here is my take.

Cover Makeover #13

Right of the bat let me apologize for going for the obvious of white flowers but my head was stalled so I went with it. My tiny white cloth flowers sitting in a jar near me keep taunting me but to no avail.

Naturally, the moment I hit the Publish button inspiration will wash over me, causing me to scream in pain as what I should have done becomes abundantly clear. Don’t you just love that moment?


Cover Makeover Badge




Line in the Sky! (Wordless Wednesday)

Line in the Sky

Twisted in Time! (Wordless Wednesday)

Twisted in Time

Filtered Whales (Wordless Wednesday)


Filtered Whales