Lines across the water! (WPC – Lines)

Sunday mornings driving around town has become mutually beneficial to both myself and my son – he gets in his driving practice whilst I get to play photographer. There’s so much more to see when you’re not the driver!

The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week is… Lines.





The world below our feet! (Macro Monday)








At the other end of town! (Wordless Wednesday)









Through the trees into the mist! (Wordless Wednesday)








White Tops in the Morning (Wordless Wednesday)







My cold, determined little Hummingbird!







Sunshine on a Cloudy Day (Wordless Wednesday)








My Island Serenity (WPC – Serene)

No matter what has transpired, or unfortunately hasn’t transpired during the day, being able to look out the window to witness Mother’s Nature’s closing act on the day brings about a calmness, a serenity like no other for me.

Evenings like this provide a wonderful reminder that no matter how wonderful or how frustrating today was, it was but just one day. Tomorrow the sun will rise again bringing with it another day of new beginnings.

Serene is The Daily Post Weekly Challenge for this week!












The race is on! (Wordless Wednesday)








Ruffled by the cold winter winds (Weekly Weather – Cold)

Our cold miserable Saturday was brightened considerably with the visit from this beautiful blue heron in our tree. He arrived at lunchtime and was still there when the light left the sky that evening.

We thought we were getting a return visit on Sunday however when the heron flew up from the harbour he didn’t stop at the tree. Instead it flew directly towards our sun-room, skimming up over the roof at the last possible moment. Both the cat and I actually ducked when it flew overhead!🤣

Cold is the Weekly Weather Challenge word this week from Tourmaline.