One Photo Focus: December

This month Stacy Fisher from Visual Venturing has given us a beautiful image from Julie Powell (Julie Powell Photography) for December’s One Photo Focus. As always, here is my interpretation first of her image.

One Photo Focus December - Julie Powell - Joanne Ritchie

As the flower was just so delightful I erased the background images, leaving just the flower which was then covered with a little grunge for texture. Somewhere along the processing-way it became monochrome, lol, I completely missed that!

And here is Julie’s original image.

One Photo Focus - Julie Powell - December

What I love about this challenge is how one image can be interpreted in just so many ways. Be sure to go over to Stacy’s Visual Venturing next to see what other’s chose to do.

And many thanks to Stacy for hosting this challenge this year. It’s been a blast to say the least and look forward to more “thinking outside the box” next year!

One Photo Focus





September’s One Focus Photo… albeit a “smidge” late!

This was meant to be in with Stacy at Visual Venturing last week but once again I managed to “lose” two weeks (wish I could lose weight that easy…) hence I’m playing catch up this week at an alarming speed.

Here is my interpretation of this month’s photograph submitted by Benjamin Rowe.

One Focus September

This is Benjamin Rowe’s original photograph. As you can see I’ve taken out all the benches, removed a roof from behind the right wall whilst also removing the bitumen path, then cropped and played with contrast and hues then added a border.

One Focus Friday - Benjamin Rowe

Not much at all, just a little tweaking, lol! To see all the other interpretations of this one photograph, click on Stacy’s icon below. This challenge for me highlights what I love about photography, we all see the same thing yet see it so very differently!