Hidden within (Flower Friday)

When there are Lisianthus at the supermarket, there is no way I am able to walk past without adding a couple of bunches to my trolley. They are such a beautiful bloom.

Their old-world appearance gives them an old-world charm that appeals so very much to me. Particularly when I can add a filter or two to make them even more-so!







Lovely Lupins (Friday Flowers)







Rockin’ the Beauty (iPhriday Flowers)

Rockin the Beauty







The Old, the New, the In-Between! (Flower Friday)


This was my view during my Mother’s Day brunch. For some it may not have been appealing, yet I found this outlook more than a tad pleasing.

The old, the new, the inbetween

The peeling paint on this old church provided the perfect backdrop for the purple in these flowers.




Prickly Situation

Some may see it as a prickly situation but as Hubby filled our trailer full of fire-wood last month, I couldn’t help but admire the wild-flowers growing near-by.

Beautiful Thistle Flowers!

The Thistles particularly caught my attention, their flowers simply glorious.

Like the Prickly Pear, these bushes produce the most delightful flowers but because of the spikes on the leaves, photography is the best way to appreciate them.

As the summer wanes, sadly so does the abundance of the wild-flowers. Each and every time I see any I can’t help but admire their natural beauty although… “mum, how much longer?”

Don’t know what they are…

But whatever they are, I do so like them. These little guys are popping up all over the lawn, creating this wonderful purple “Monet” wash in places.

What little cuties!

I’m sure they are a weed but they are so much less offensive than the dandelions which I simply adore on the sides of the highway but just not in my lawn!

Up close these little purple cuties look quite prehistoric!

Very different up close...

I did attempt a search of this bloom to officially determine its name before I posted these pictures but failed to find anything even close. Whatever it is though, I like it and at this stage am more than happy for it to be sharing my lawn but I’d really like to know its name.

This is really going to bug me so will keep searching until I find something. Good grief… “mum, how much longer?”