For something different… LIVE ORNAMENTS! (Christmas Countdown)









Honest cat, I’m Rudolph the Reindeer! (Wordless Wednesday)

Rudolph Rat






One of THOSE days…

With the sun shining and the sky having only a hint of clouds at the moment with forecasts for much the same for the next few days, if not the week, the following seemed quite apt for our house.

Good weather ahead!

We’ve found our house, as I’m sure are all the houses in Canada, well insulted for winter, keeping us toasty warm all the time. Come summer however, trying to cool down is quite different. Hence all the windows and doors are flung open in a feeble attempt to rid ourselves of the stale, warm air to then hopefully have it replaced with some cool, cool air.

This seldom occurs so the cats all-but pack their bags for the day and head off in search of a shady area to keep cool for the day. Unfortunately it seems that wherever they slumber so do the birds, resulting sadly in the above. The cycle of life.

Although with more of this glorious weather on the horizon the fruit trees around town shall be producing ever so well which means we’ll soon see bears roaming our streets once again.

Be BEAR aware pusscats, it’s called the cycle of life… “mum, how much longer?”

A helping hand!

Tonight we leave on our Spring Break Vacation, or as I prefer to call it… our EPIC Spring Break Vacation!

We’ll be covering a lot of ground in the next two weeks but it’s going to be a grand adventure, and with every grand adventure comes a list of chores to be completed BEFORE we leave. Fortunately Miss Poppy was available to help!

Everyone needs a little help from their friends!

Ever since the suitcases came out over the week-end both cats have been staying close. Then once “the list” was made, Poppy knew things were getting even closer so she figured if you can’t beat them join them!

As you can see though, there’s not many lines crossed off my list and the clocks ticking. Lordy, lordy… “mum, how much longer?”

Cats on the Edge!

Since that rouge cat came in for a visit last week Miss Poppy has taken to both sharpening her claws and walking around the rails on the back deck.

It wasn’t until I viewed this photo on “the big screen” I realized it gives the impression Miss Poppy is bearing her teeth, when in-fact all she’s doing is meowing… as always!

Even her teeth are out!

When it came to the next photo though, the moment after I’d taken this photo she did bear her teeth and go for Sir Ferguss leg. Obviously she felt as this was her idea to ride the rails then he should not be there and was not afraid to let him know!

Cat cuddles on the edge!

Poor Sir Fergus, he really doesn’t have a clue at times, such a male! He’s still oblivious to the fact he’s not yet back in the good books from not coming to Miss Poppy’s rescue last week when the other cat was fighting her. Miss Poppy however hasn’t forgotten… “mum, how much longer?”