Spring Time (Monochrome Monday)








Comparing photographers…

The Photographer Within

Never Give Up…

Never give up

The best things in life…

… love and memories!

Best things in life...

Be Yourself

… always!

 Be yourself... always!

Life is for Living

Live. Life. Now!

Life is Short - LIVE IT NOW!

What’s your take on life?

Glass half full, or glass half empty…

Life is What you Make it!



What is Life?

This is life…

Life is a Box of Crayons!

Heads Up!

I came across this quote of Roger Kingston’s one night and thought it very apt for the coming weeks.

Camera Save

Why you ask? You see, we’ve been off traveling for the last two weeks and are now on the final leg back home.

Once home you know what that means… hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs to go through and SHARE, lol! 😉

Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you start asking… “mum, how much longer?”

This really says it ALL!!!

We couldn’t help but smile after spotting this painted on the side of a building as we proceeded to the look-out above the Medieval Old City of Tallinn.

The Times we had!!!

It really did sum up our wonderful visit to Tallinn, Estonia. There are so many more photographs I would love to share but even from where I sit here at the end of the channel I can sense if I did there would be an enormous outcry of… “mum, how much longer?”