It’s a Santa GATHERING! (WPC: Gathering)

What can I say, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York last year made a lasting impression on me. Hence when I saw the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for this week was GATHERING, I knew immediately what I was sharing!


Given it’s only three sleeps until the fat guy in the red suit visits, it seemed more than a tad appropriate… ho ho ho!




Radio City Nutcrackers (Fav Foto Friday)

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular was everything I imagined and then some. Of the many different acts in the show, the Nutcrackers by far were my favourite!

Radio City Nutcrackers

I am so looking forward to the next time we go as rest assured, there WILL be a next time!




Choose your Fabric… (Travel Theme: Fabric)

So much fabric is used in the many elaborate costumes for The Rockettes, and of course the many other performers in New York City’s Radio City Christmas Spectacular making it just that… spectacular!

Fabric of Society

This performance is sadly also not immune to how the very fabric of society is transitioning and how we as spectators are subliminally subjected to advertising when we least expect it!

Where's my Backpack?




Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Never EVER have I been as mesmerized by a show as I was with the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. For an hour and half it was go, go, go!

Besides what was happening on stage, there were displays over the ceilings and walls with performers regularly appearing along the sides of the theater. At times it was difficult to know just where to look!

And those animals, including the camel, you can just see in the Nativity Scene, yes, they’re real!

The theater itself was big enough with seating for just under 6,000 but the sheer magnitude of it all when you take into consideration how large the stage itself must be to accommodate all that was taking place on it, then the area behind and below to store everything we saw, my mind simply spins!

The Rockettes and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular has been an annual tradition for New York City since 1933 and one we’re happy to ours, but as to when we’ll actually see another performance… “mum, how much longer?”