Washing away the cobwebs! (Macro Monday)

It’s not that it never rains here but for whatever reason last week, the raindrops on the pine needles had me completely and utterly transfixed.

However, it wasn’t until I sat down and began editing my raindrops that I noticed up in the top right-hand corner of this photo a beautifully woven spider’s web!





Five, Six, Pick up Sticks! (Monochrome Monday)

Looking out my sun-room window the other morning, I had to look twice at what was floating out in the harbour. Initially it wasn’t making any sense but finally it came into focus.

Five Six Pick Up Sticks

Somehow or other one of the many logs that float around the river systems here in BC had taken a fancy to something a little more “a la naturale“!




Rain or Shine? (Monochrome Monday)

Watching the sun rise last week over the ocean, the clouds surrounding it seemed undecided as to blow on through or to stay, allowing the skies to pour down upon us.

Good Morning BW

Eventually the clouds disappeared but as the sun climbed above the horizon, the sun’s rays reflected on and behind the clouds was more than a glorious sight to behold. What a way to start the day!





Frangipani Freshness (Flower Friday)


Fragipani Freshness





Frangipani Darkness (Flower Friday)


Frangipani Darkness




Reflections in a Raindrop (Flower Friday)


Reflections in Raindrops




Inspiration isn’t always black and white! (Monochrome Monday)

I stumbled upon this photo the other day that I took for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge of Inspiration a few weeks back. Looking at it again I wondered how it would look as a black and white.

Inspiration - Black and White

Don’t know about you but I actually think it looks better in black and white as it really makes the raindrops pop and shine. To see the colour version click here.





Foggy Mornings (OWPC: Foggy)

Lately our little part of the province has been enjoying some much-needed rain. One of my favourite parts that comes with this rain, besides all the beautiful raindrops of course, is this glorious morning fog.

Foggy Mornings

It silently follows the path of there river, fading ever-so-slowly as the morning progresses until there is nothing but a memory of its beauty left behind.





Early Morning INSPIRATION! (WPC)

Ironically INSPIRATION, this week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post, is just what I need… 😦

You see I’m “decluttering” the house. Finally I’m getting rid of all those things we “couldn’t live without” yet have seldom, if not NEVER, used. And sadly, as you would know if you’ve ever decluttered, it always looks worse before it looks better.

So as I sat with my coffee, chin in hand, choosing to look out my kitchen window rather than the chaos within, I noticed a tree outside seemingly illuminated as the raindrops hanging from its leaves glistened in the early morning clouded light.

Early Morning Inspiration!

Inspiration right outside my kitchen window, doesn’t really get much better then that does it? These plants not so long ago were looking for some inspiration themselves as their leaves slowly withered. With the rain however comes renewed life. Dust is washed from the leaves, energy is taken within.

Not certain that’s quite what’s happening with me right now, more likely that fourth espresso is finally kicking in, whatever it is though, I’m ready to tackle my decluttering day once again. Wish me luck!



One Word Photo Challenge: Wet… in Ucluelet!


This week’s word for the One Word Photo (Weather) Challenge from Jennifer is… WET.

What should have been my free afternoon for photographing in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, turned out instead to be a rather WET afternoon with me in the hotel room drying my camera having managed to get a few photos in-between the raindrops.

Wet Afternoon in Ucluelet

The blue of this resort in the background with the yellow flowers in the foreground combined with the raindrops provides a colourful interlude on a somewhat drab afternoon.