Captured Raindrops (Flower Friday)




Captured Raindrops (Monochrome Monday)






Brightly Coloured Raindrops (Flower Friday)

Why is it flowers never look so pretty as when they are covered with fresh raindrops?

My baby petunias are hanging on for dear life as the winter winds begin blowing once again.







Nature’s very own Candles (Monochrome Monday)

It’s probably only me but when I looked out the window to see the new growth on the pine tree all standing up the way they were, it reminded me of birthday candles.

As I say, it’s probably only me but even the tips on this growth look like the flames on a candle.






Glistening Raindrops (Monochrome Monday)

Each time I take more photos of the raindrops hanging off the pine tree outside my kitchen window I promise myself it will be the last time.

Then on this occasion I saw these little “doobies” forming on the tips of the branches and well, one or two more photos wouldn’t hurt… would it?





Distorted Raindrops (OWPC: Distorted)

After yesterday’s ferocious winds and rain, to walk outside today to stillness and sunshine feels more than a tad surreal. Without the wind, raindrops were clinging to my maple tree like Christmas lights. Especially with a little tweaking.


Bumping up the contrast and shadows distorted the photo enough to help create the illusion of strings of lights amongst the branches. Distorted is this week’s word for the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






Five Fingers of Fungus (Wordless Wednesday)








Morning Bells (Monochrome Monday)

Next summer the plan is to work in the backyard. Until then however we continue to be surprised, and delighted, with what mother nature bestows upon us.


The added bonus of the early morning’s raindrops was the icing on this day’s cake!






Summer Showers (Muted Monochrome Monday)


Summer Showers







A Hint of Prince (Wordless Wednesday)


A Hint of Prince