Sunshine in a Basket on a Wet Day – Wordless Wednesday

Sunshine in a Basket on a Wet Day

Oh Liz, you were almost TOTALLY nak-ked!

With the rain we’d experienced over the week-end and particularly yesterday, I honestly thought that the last remaining snow clinging tightly to the side of Mount Elizabeth would finally be extinguished. This would have left Liz completely naked!

Lizzy you're almost nak-ked!

But alas, as the rain clouds that had been covering Liz for the last few days lifted late yesterday evening, Liz’s nakedness was not revealed. In fact it was the opposite.

What happened Liz?

Yep, there was snow up there on them there hills. There was snow to the right but this snow I captured this morning is no longer there thanks to today’s sunshine.

Snow to the Right

However, the snow over to the left is still quietly sitting, waiting for more, MUCH MORE!

Snow to the Left

Now we just want snow, serious snow, down here but… “mum, how much longer?”

Rainy day… perfect timing!

After the last week being as busy as it has been, waking up to the sound of rain on the roof this morning couldn’t have been more timely.

Even the Hummingbirds were appreciative of the raindrops!

Hummingbird and Raindrops

I know the photo is slightly blurry but I don’t mind, the memory I’ve captured is enough for me… and that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it, lol!

That and the fact after waiting for another 15 minutes for the above Hummingbird to return and didn’t, I ended up retreating back downstairs but sadly not before crying out the window… “mum, how much longer?”

It’s only taken two weeks!

You can actually see the snow on Mount Elizabeth disappearing before our very eyes. This was Liz only two weeks ago…

Just look at that snow!

Whilst today she looks like this!

Another week, another shift of snow!

When that snow goes, it sure goes quick. It would appear summer really is upon us, even between the brief sun-showers we are experiencing.

This week-end we are celebrating Victoria Day Long Week-end so I shall enjoy the weather for what it is just for these few days before thinking about the next snowflakes and… “mum, how much longer?”

The sun has set…

After a week of intense sunshine it was wonderful waking this morning to the sound of rain, such a beautiful sound.

Plus I promised myself if it did rain this morning (the forecast was for no rain until 2pm, lol) I’d spend it in the Studio rearranging things. Would it rain all day or was this just a spring shower? So I checked the cats…

Miss Poppy wanted out but that wasn’t going to happen so instead she attacked the foyer mat. The cranky cat sat on the mat, or beside it as this case may be!

The cranky cat sat on the mat!

Sir Fergus is my real barometer though, you can gauge the length a cold, wet day by how far he settles into his bean bag. My camouflage cat!

Camo cat!

Yep, time to hit the Studio. There might be a load of washing in both the washer and dryer but they’ll still be there tomorrow. As for dinner, thankfully I have that vat of soup in the freezer from last week so hopefully half the house will be happy tonight.

Anyway, Miss Nine has been in the Studio waiting to “create” for an hour now so I best away as I’ve heard more than once already… “mum, how much longer?”

Buggered Boots!

Who could believe it? It was only on Saturday evening that friends who are relatively new to Kitimat, were commenting on all the boots we had stacked downstairs. We explained that essentially its preferable to have two of everything and that it’s good to have both rain-boots as well as snow boots for those slushy times.

Then come this morning, despite it being so VERY wet outside Master Eleven was still putting on his good old sneakers. Having only just been looking at his boots I inquired as to why he wasn’t wearing his rain boots.Well, wasn’t I told?!

Surprise, surprise… both pairs of rain boots have splits just above the soles hence they are useless and the one pair of snow boots that he could have just got away with wearing are now too small. This is the pile that now greets me at the bottom of the stairs…

Unbelievable… if only I’d known all this last week-end when we were in Terrace looking for boots for him. We want to purchase him a really good pair this season that handle sub-zero temperatures and naturally, the ones he liked they didn’t have his size but he still requires some knock around boots which we could have easily picked up without any dramas. Dang it!

Now the question is… when are we next going to Terrace? It will have to be sooner rather than later now as the rainy days appear to be outnumbering the sunny days and I certainly don’t want to hear each morning… “mum, how much longer?”