Unexpected Hint of Red (A Photo a Week Challenge: Red)

Standing in the middle of the Grand Canyon, swamped by the surrounding grandeur, colours muted from the dust, seeing this burst of vivid red hidden within the tendrils of this plant was an unexpected surprise.


 Initially I thought this plant was a cactus but after an hour of googling, unfortunately I still haven’t found a name for it. Anyways, RED is this week’s A Photo a Week Challenge from Nancy Merrill Photography.





Right on Point! (iPhriday Flower)

Except there’s no “T” is there? Who knew? After a lifetime of hearing and pronouncing it as POINTsettia, it’s only now I learn it’s not. What a shocker to learn differently. Dang!


Learning that I’ve been mispronouncing it forever is almost as funny as the way Master Fifteen cringed with complete and utter embarrassment as I took this photo at the grocery store on the weekend. Good to know I’ve still got it, lol!😂