Old but so very much revered!

Walking around a city that has a history that can be dated back to the 12th Century, one is bound to come across a building or such that looks as old as time itself.

Old but certainly not forgotten!

Naturally of course there can be little left that is originally from that time period but some structures certainly give their best attempt at looking hundreds and hundreds of years old. With the exception of the very new, very basic letter-box which oddly, was the only part of this building to have graffiti. Go figure!

Old old gate, shame about the new letterbox!

The majority of buildings have been restored but there is still the odd one here and there as you can see in need of some tender loving care.

Old store front, oh the stories I'm sure it could tell!

Of all the questions I could have asked as I wandered around Tallinn, a city still very much “a work in progress“, the one question I would never ask since I love the contrast of the old and new would be… “mum, how much longer?”