Morning Reflections in White (Wordless Wednesday)







Early Morning Recreation (A Photo a Week Challenge: Recreation)

When in Australia there’s nothing nicer then taking an early morning walk following the river out to the ocean. On this particular morning there was myself, a fisherman, and a stand-up paddle-boarder.

Each of us doing something different, yet all happy in our chosen form of recreation. Recreation is this week’s A Photo a Week Challenge from Nancy Merrill Photography.






Following the river home (Wordless Wednesday)







A Rusty Crossing (Monochrome Monday)

Every other month my son needs to visit the orthodontist 145km away. Fortunately for me, the almost 300km round-trip provides some of the most spectacular scenery no matter what the season. The old iron bridges are simply a bonus!


The railway bridges draw me to them like moths to a flame. The rust and the general aging of them bear witness to their strength against all that Mother Nature can throw at them.






Until next time! (Wordless Wednesday)

Catch ya Later







River Morning Bokeh (OWPC: Bokeh)

This week Jennifer Nichole Wells for her One Word Photo Challenge Word has chosen… Bokeh. When it comes to Bokeh this photo taken down at the river last year came instantly to mind.


To say I LOVE bokeh on my photos is an understatement. Each and every time I discover I’ve inadvertently captured it, I vow to deliberately set about taking more photos with it… that is until life comes along and gets in the way!






Front Row to a New Day (OWPC: Bench)

This week’s word for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge is… Bench.

We are very fortunate at present as where we are currently staying whilst visiting my darling mother in Australia, on the dock attached to our apartment block, is a bench where one can sit to contemplate the day.

Bench - Front Row to the New Day

Master Fourteen, being the keen fisherman that he is, has already spent many an hour on that dock with either fishing line or fishing net in hand.

Personally, I prefer to simply take advantage of this bench in the early hours of the morning as the sun makes its way into the sky. This time of the day, no matter what the outlook, is always my favourite time of day.

Here however, the birds who have made the island to the left their home fill the air with their morning calls, whilst the migratory birds fly in waves across the sky. Yes, it is definitely the most glorious time of the day!







Meeting new faces down at the River (Wordless Wednesday)


New River Friends

Our River (Wordless Wednesday)


Our RIver

Flying or simply staying AFLOAT! (WPC)

When my sister-in-law was behind the wheel of their ski-boat the children were assured that when they were on the air-mattress being towed, they’d stay AFLOAT.

My brother on the other hand, when he was behind the wheel, the children were never certain if they’d be floating or flying, lol!

Floating or Flying, it's sometimes the same (MM2-6)

What delighted me the most however was how Miss Eleven, she who initially declared she’d only ride the mattress ONLY if SIL went slowly and gently, screamed, laughed and wanted more!

Nope, of all the things she screamed and cried, the one thing she didn’t yell was… “mum, how much longer?”