Love me an island! (Wordless Wednesday)





Going with the flow when traveling! (WPC – Delta)

We arrived at the Oazarazate airport at midnight where a car from our kasbah was to meet us. After 20 minutes with the airport all but deserted we rang to check on its whereabouts. They’d forgotten us, they’d be there in an hour!

Into the back of this tiny car with doors only opening from the outside, went our hand-luggage, two children and I with hubby sitting up front and off we went. Into the blackness of the night we drove and drove, leaving any signs of light far behind.

Despite the rough terrain under us convincing me this was our last moments together as a family we arrived at what was to be our beautiful two-storey home for the next week. Emotions changing from final good-byes to pure elation in a heart-beat.

A few days later we discovered all the bumping was from the dry river bed we had crossed. We did ask what happened when it rained however the only response was laughter. Guess there’s never enough rain to make any great change.

What I love most about this river-bed road is how the way to not only our kasbah but a small village before it, is marked simply with white arrows on the rocks. Oh. My. Goodness.

This week’s photo challenge prompt from The Daily Post is much like last week’s prompt of Transient, it’s Delta. The challenge being to share a photo that signifies transitions and change to you.








Say NO to Transient Trash! (WPC – Transient)

When on holidays or simply at the beach, what does a piece or two of trash slipping out of one’s fingers matters? It matters a heck of a lot when you see what’s left behind after a cyclone’s been and gone.

Living our lives as transient beings is one thing, however not dealing with our trash along the way is a completely other matter. Transient is The Daily Post Photo Challenge this week.










Spring waterfalls (Wordless Wednesday)







7 Day Nature Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 of the 7-Day Nature Challenge is the combination of the force of nature on what was once a post cemented on Mother’s Nature’s glorious Pincushion Island. Despite these man-made conditions nature prevails by slowly adding life to the bottom of the post.

Force of Nature

The lovely Desley Jane of Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist has nominated me for this wonderful challenge. As I repeatedly say, do visit her fabulous blog if you aren’t already familiar with it.

In turn I’d like to invite Imelda of My Wall to join in. Imelda’s captures of the world around her are absolutely stunning plus her accompanying poetry is simply wonderful. Please take a moment to visit her blog if you haven’t already done so!





River Morning Bokeh (OWPC: Bokeh)

This week Jennifer Nichole Wells for her One Word Photo Challenge Word has chosen… Bokeh. When it comes to Bokeh this photo taken down at the river last year came instantly to mind.


To say I LOVE bokeh on my photos is an understatement. Each and every time I discover I’ve inadvertently captured it, I vow to deliberately set about taking more photos with it… that is until life comes along and gets in the way!







This week’s challenge word from Jennifer Nichole-Wells is DROUGHT. Although even we were on fire-bans ever-so-briefly, we thankfully didn’t suffer like so many others did this summer. Drought is something almost unimaginable as I look around.

Drought... I think NOT!

This is just one of the many waterfalls you’ll see driving along the highway between Terrace and Prince Rupert here in beautiful British Columbia. Not bad viewing for a road-trip, huh?!





Getting to the Bottom of IT! (Wordless Wednesday)


Getting to the Bottom of Things

Pelicans of Mexico (MM2-11)


Pelicans are by far one of my favourite birds although I don’t know that I will ever get accustomed to seeing them in the shades of grey that they are here in North America instead of the glorious white as they are in Australia.

And speaking of glorious white, judging by the glowing white of the top of this rock, these three pelicans appear to be regulars here. Talk about marking your territory, enough already!

Pelicans of Cabo San Lucas

We spotted these three pelicans off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico as we were going out for a morning tour of the reef, rocks and nearby caves.

It was an amazing morning as our boat’s hull was clear glass ensuring we had the best of both worlds both above and below the ocean’s surface!