Dusty Rose (Flower Friday)

When I photographed this beautiful rose bud it was far from being dusty. It was so fresh and so fragrant, but through the miracle of modern technology, and just a little tweaking, it’s true self has been concealed.

This is what happens when you combine phone apps and waiting of an afternoon at the school for your children… tweaked up flowers!



The Colours of Yesteryear (Wordless Wednesday)








Rose Revealment (iPhriday Flowers)

The added bonus of the beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers hubby sent me was that rather than simply being a bunch of red roses (which are lovely don’t get me wrong), it was filled with enough flowers for my iPhriday Flowers. He knows me so well!


The green rose buds included in this arrangement were so gloriously thick with petals. Watching these petals slowing open was such a privilege.






Graceful Petals (WPC: Graceful)

The delicate, gracefulness of a rose and its petals are something that has been much admired for many, many years by many, many different people.


The unfurling of its petals as life takes its natural course is something beautiful to behold. Graceful is this week’s Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge word.







A Moment of Stillness (One Photo Focus: November)

This month for One Photo Focus hosted by Stacy Fischer of Visual Venturing, Julie Powell of Julie Powell Photography has offered one of her beautiful images to edit.

Something about Julie’s image reminded me of my grandfather’s old cottage. So much so I could even smell that distinct residue from the wood-burning stove he had. Being on his own for almost a decade, it was very much an old man cottage.


With these memories from so long ago in mind, I edited the photo as such. After rotating the image slightly then cropping it, I decreased the saturation for that “old-world” feel. A grunge filter was then added followed by a weathered frame.

It now reminds of one of those thick, old photos you’d once see at an elderly relatives house. It proudly displayed behind a support on the sideboard, still in its original cardboard folder. The photo slightly crazed from years of gentle viewing.

It’s such a contrast to Julie’s crisp, clean image below.


If you aren’t familiar with One Photo Focus challenge, it’s a once a month challenge where everyone has the opportunity to edit the same one image. The results are always mind-boggling. Be sure to see all the submissions over at Visual Venturing, they will amaze you!


One Photo Focus Badge




Red, Red, Rose (26 Weeks Letter Challenge: R)


Red Red Rose


26 Weeks Letter Challenge





Red, Red Rose (Flower Friday)

This is just one of the dozen red roses my darling brother and his wife (who would have been the real instigator here – thank you SIL) sent me as a house-warming gift last month.

Red Red Rose

Looking at the photos I’d taken the afternoon I’d received the bouquet, it was very evident my head wasn’t in the photographing-game that day.

Although on the one hand this was disappointing, on the other hand I didn’t feel guilty at all running amuck with all my editing, lol.




the ONE FOUR challenge: Week 3

Seriously, altering just one photo to produce four different looks doesn’t sound that difficult does it? WRONG… hence the word CHALLENGE!

Here here is my week three of the Captivate Me’s One Four Challenge.

One Four - Week 3

One would think when you look at this photo is that all I’ve done is simply changed the colour. Yet to get this end result I seemed to have tweaked EVERYTHING – Highlights, Shadows, Tint, Vibrance, Clarity, and even a little Angling was thrown into the mix. Too funny!

the ONE FOUR Challenge



the ONE FOUR challenge: Week 2


Here I am with my NOLA rose into the second week of the ONE FOUR CHALLENGE by Captivate Me. This week I’ve chosen to go “dark and mysterious“, kinda sorta.

One Four - Week 2

Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know I have quite the fondness for vignettes so it’s no surprise that I’ve added it to this photo whilst reducing the black, highlighting the shadows (that’s sounds like a contradiction doesn’t it?).


the ONE FOUR Challenge - Week 1




The Warmth of the Sun

It was if this rose was purposely leaning into the warmth of the morning sun, despite being in a vase!

White Rose Bud

Oh, the sunshine we’ve had this week, it has been absolutely incredible and I’m not even a sun person, lol!

To think, at the beginning of this week snow was forecast for this week-end. Now as the clouds roll in one does wonder… “mum, how much longer?”