Jumping into WINTER (OWPC)

On hearing five years ago we were moving to a town where it snowed, the first words out of my son’s mouth was that he was going to be jumping off the top deck. And that’s just what he’s done each and every winter since we arrived.

The last winter was particularly kind to him with the snow almost level to the back fence. What was a boy to do but jump repeatedly into the fresh snow. I’m sure I enjoyed watching him just as much as he enjoyed jumping!


WINTER is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge word from Jennifer Nichole Wells. If you aren’t already familiar with Jennifer’s challenges, please head over now as Jennifer is sorted through until 2019 with her challenges.

Oh how I love her style!





Last of the Summer Snaps (Fav Foto Friday)

For what seems to have been for the longest time now, I’ve watched one lone deep-pink snapdragon in a hanging-basket of mine stand tall amongst the dying debris that was summer. It’s beautiful.

Yet on downloading my photos, this beauty was simply not being conveyed in any of my images. However, on removing the colour for me the beauty was returned.

Last of the Summer Snaps

If you’d like to join in the Fav Foto Friday, simply head over to Scribbles and Musings. What better way to end your week then with your favourite photo!






The Colour of Fall!


My favourite color!

Spring Cleaning Time!

In the last four days it’s felt as if we’ve experienced all four seasons… not necessarily in order though, lol!

Spring Clean Time!

From Friday morning waking to a Winter Wonderful of three inches of snow over everything, to Summer Sunshine that afternoon that vanquished any evidence of snow.

Yesterday the fire-place was lit as there was an Autumn Crispness in the air, then come this morning we’re having Spring Showers.

Yes, hearing the birds singing and chirping once again is so delightful, Spring really does feel as if its in the air!

2014 – WHAT a YEAR!

Summer Solstice meets Harry Potter!

If it hadn’t been for other blogs writing about it on Saturday, I would have completely missed the fact it was Summer Solstice thanks to the low cloud-cover we experienced all day.

In the evening the clouds began dispersing, reminding me of those black-wispy-smoke-like creatures that appeared every now and then in Harry Potter, bringing us to the edge of our seats. Oh wait on, Miss Eleven informs me they were “Death Eaters” in flying mode (oops, how could I forget that?)!

Summer Solstice meets Harry Potter!

Some may have said it was a cold, bleak week-end but with Hubby at work all week-end and Master Twelve away, it gave me the opportunity to also work down in the Studio “fuss-free“, so no complaints here. Quite a lot of “re-organizing” was achieved, yea!

Quite the delightful Summer Solstice if you ask me, Death Eater’s included, lol! 🙂

The best part of Summer Solstice though is this means we are now over the Summer-Hump and on our way to winter, woohoo! The only question is… “mum, how much longer?”

Thawing Rivers Run!

Sadly all that beautiful snow which fell last Friday has all but been washed away with the rain. The bonus to all this thawing however is the beauty of the flowing rivers.

Thawing Rivers Running - Mother Nature at her finest!

It’s hard to believe those bare trees along the river’s edge will be covered in a mass of green within months. Looking at them now it would be easy to mistake them as having no life left within them.

Much like this tree – how gnarly is this? It looks like I felt today when things didn’t go as planned, lol! 🙂

Tangled Trunks - how delightful!

It’s incredible how many little branches there are growing entwined on these trees, all of which will soon be budding and shooting new life.

Question is though, is there still more snow to come or is it finally time to welcome spring… “mum, how much longer?”


There is nothing more frustrating than looking out the window and seeing not just fresh snow on the distance mountains but what appears to be quite HEAVY snow.

Heavy snow on the distance mountains...

Come on, just give me one seriously big dump of snow then who knows, maybe I’ll stop ranting and questioning… “mum, how much bloody longer?”

Fresh Snow = Glorious!

Every now and then, although not as frequently as one would like, the fog will lift from the valley outside my kitchen window, revealing a layer of pristine white snow.

Not so much that it creates a blanket, not so little it appears simply to be a dusting, but just enough so that when the sun breaks through the clouds it’s as if a spotlight has been shone on Mother’s Natures handiwork.

Fresh Snow - I never tire of gazing at it!

Then again, a friggin’ big dump of snow totally obliterating EVERYTHING would be good considering the scant snow season we’ve had, lol! Seriously though… “mum, how much longer?”

Last Leaf Standing!

Looking out my kitchen window today I couldn’t help but notice how our neighbors tree had what I thought, one lone leaf at the very top still hanging on tightly.

On closer inspection I can now what I thought was one large leaf, is actually three smaller leaves.

Last leaf of the year!!!

These leaves look quite young, up to the challenge of the cold weather moving in. Question is though… “mum, how much longer?”