My Island Serenity (WPC – Serene)

No matter what has transpired, or unfortunately hasn’t transpired during the day, being able to look out the window to witness Mother’s Nature’s closing act on the day brings about a calmness, a serenity like no other for me.

Evenings like this provide a wonderful reminder that no matter how wonderful or how frustrating today was, it was but just one day. Tomorrow the sun will rise again bringing with it another day of new beginnings.

Serene is The Daily Post Weekly Challenge for this week!












Washing away the cobwebs! (Macro Monday)

It’s not that it never rains here but for whatever reason last week, the raindrops on the pine needles had me completely and utterly transfixed.

However, it wasn’t until I sat down and began editing my raindrops that I noticed up in the top right-hand corner of this photo a beautifully woven spider’s web!





Today was a Good Day (WPC)

Today Was a Good Day is this week’s challenge from the Daily Post and looking out my kitchen window this morning, I am already declaring exactly that!

The Early Bird, or birds in this case!

As the sun rose behind my mountain, the clouds were continually moving, constantly changing it’s appearance. As the mountain peak became visible, flocks of seagulls began flying past, heading down towards the nearby river.

Yep, definitely no argument here. It may only be 7.30 in the morning but after viewing this incredible sight from Mother Nature herself, it will be enough to sustain me until bedtime. Today was indeed a Good Day!




The Humble Hibiscus (MM2-10)

As much as I like the hibiscus, generally I don’t regard it as the “super-model” of flowers. However, as I was playing with this photo as a possibility for another challenge, just for a lark I changed it to black and white.

Hibiscus MM2-10

On seeing this image my opinion of the humble hibiscus was immediately elevated to super-model with my sincerest apologies for having EVER doubting her!



The Warmth of the Sun

It was if this rose was purposely leaning into the warmth of the morning sun, despite being in a vase!

White Rose Bud

Oh, the sunshine we’ve had this week, it has been absolutely incredible and I’m not even a sun person, lol!

To think, at the beginning of this week snow was forecast for this week-end. Now as the clouds roll in one does wonder… “mum, how much longer?”

Glacial Dew Drops – Monochrome Madness 56

New buds and raindrops, do you get the feeling Spring is in the air?!

Glacier Dew Drops

The continuing cycle of life, it’s wonderful. Let’s hope its something we never have to question… “mum, how much longer?”

Serenity Passing By – (WPC)

Be gentle, this is my first time attempting the Weekly Photo Challenge by the Daily Post. This week’s word is Serenity


This has to be one of my favorite photographs – so much so I have had it hanging on my wall since I took it!

We were just leaving Prince Rupert, having spent our first-ever week-end there enjoying Winterfest 2011. It was a wonderful week-end with the scenery on the drive home solidifying this.

It seems an age since we were last there, which naturally begs the question… “mum, how much longer?”

Early Morning Flight

Timing is everything and this morning was no different.

Watching as wisps of the morning clouds appeared motionless in the morning light, small flocks of birds began appearing from the valley below.

Morning Flight...

Only ever in small numbers – sometimes in pairs but never greater than five. It was simply glorious to witness this renewed life soaring into the new day.

And as quickly as it began, it was over. As to when I’ll be standing in the right spot at the right time to witness this again… “mum, how much longer?”