Fully Loaded! (Wordless Wednesday)





Early Morning Light (A Photo a Week Challenge: Just Missed)

As I hurriedly loaded the dishwasher before driving the children to school one morning before Christmas, I noticed some coloured lights out on the water. Quickly I grabbed my camera, took some shots and just missed that moment in time.


In my haste of course I had neither checked nor changed the settings on my camera hence the captures weren’t quite as anticipated. That moment of what appears to be pilot ship meeting the cargo shipped, just missed. Next time!








Bonus time in Boston!

After all our worry last night about getting back to the ship before it left was for nothing. Turns out we were spending another night in port anyways.

If only we’d known sooner, instead of returning to the ship we could have taken a train out to Salem where we heard they hold an awesome parade every Halloween. Next time perhaps!

The bonus however of leaving port late this morning was enjoying the sailing out of Boston with the sun streaming down – it was just gorgeous. Plus we found out the reason we could hear planes all night – the airport was just across the water from us!

We even managed to set-up chairs at the kiddies pool at the back of the ship to simply sit for a couple of hours, enjoying the view and cold beers. Wonderful!

Boston is just stunning. Even the shipping containers look attractive in Boston!

And the lighthouses on the way out, wow! How cute is this one?

And maybe this is the lighthouse used in those inspirational posters… maybe?

We just adored Boston, even the children are eager to go back,  so much so we’re already hearing… “mum, how much longer?”