Close-Up (Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is… CLOSE UP!

There were big plans to take new photos just for this challenge but as I sit here with my head about to explode thanks to a head-cold, I’ve chosen a photo of some barnacles from Sitka, Alaska.

Sitka Barnacles Big and Small

This is just how the inside of my eye-lids feel at the moment, as if there is something rubbing behind them, so thought this capture rather apt.

Please tell me it’s time for coffee now…




Sitka Sound

The beauty of doing holiday albums is that you get to relive your holiday as you sort through the many photographs taken, trying to decide on those to choose.

This is Sitka Sound, Alaska on the morning we sailed in on our Alaskan Cruise.

Arriving in Sitka - simply glorious!

That cruise was absolutely FABULOUS and I’d do it again in a heart-beat but in reality…  “mum, how much longer?”

Sitka… simply breathtaking!

Yesterday I bet money on the fact today was a sea day – I lost big time! Well, it was only the bet I lost as Sitka was such a beautiful port of call.

Sitka - how gorgeous is this?!

Like us, many of our fellow passengers, we opted NOT to do any shore excursions, preferring to walk around the small town, exploring it for ourselves.

Sitka Totem Square!

One great find was The Back Door Cafe. We literally entered via the back-door having walked around the streets admiring the architecture of the various buildings. This eclectic cafe had our heads darting in all directions admiring the various collections.

Back door Cafe - a quick favorite of ours!

We sat enjoying the sun and scenery, sipping hot coffee on our balcony when leaving port. That was until the ship turned and once out of the sanctuary of the bay, the icy Alaskan winds hit us. We attempted “toughing it out” but we soon turned to each other with a look that said… “mum, how much longer?”