Front Row to a New Day (OWPC: Bench)

This week’s word for Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge is… Bench.

We are very fortunate at present as where we are currently staying whilst visiting my darling mother in Australia, on the dock attached to our apartment block, is a bench where one can sit to contemplate the day.

Bench - Front Row to the New Day

Master Fourteen, being the keen fisherman that he is, has already spent many an hour on that dock with either fishing line or fishing net in hand.

Personally, I prefer to simply take advantage of this bench in the early hours of the morning as the sun makes its way into the sky. This time of the day, no matter what the outlook, is always my favourite time of day.

Here however, the birds who have made the island to the left their home fill the air with their morning calls, whilst the migratory birds fly in waves across the sky. Yes, it is definitely the most glorious time of the day!







Natures Rebooting! (Wordless Wednesday)

Natures Rebooting!


Lifting the Morning Veil! (Wordless Wednesday)

Lifting the Veil on the Morning

Line in the Sky! (Wordless Wednesday)

Line in the Sky

Morning Light Filtering Through (Wordless Wednesday)


Filtering the Morning Light

Tumultuous Sky

This morning as I watched my valley transform before me as the sun rose, I couldn’t help but marvel how, with so much of life now able to be predicted, the awakening of a new day, everyday, is always different.

Daylight breaking upon the morning

Although this photo is of my sunrise two days ago. The same sunrise which was shared yesterday but instead of the close-up, this shot captures the tumultuous sky along with the valley.

I simply adore the possible drama of this sky. Certainly beats the drama of everyday life, lol. 🙂 Not that OUR house has any of that, then again, I’m the only one awake but… “mum, how much longer?”