Winter Birds in a Winter Wonderland (WPC: Against the Odds)

This was one of those rare moments that not only was the scenery simply glorious I… a) noticed the birds in the bottom left-hand corner in this small creek, b) my camera was in the car, and c) my husband kept the car still whilst I took the photo!


Considering how well the stars aligned for this photo it seemed very fitting for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge of Against the Odds – a photo both of an unlikely occurrence and a shot you never thought you’d get!






Dreaming of Winter’s Past

This was a scene I was fortunate enough to capture our first winter here.

We pulled the car over and simply sat, marvelling at Mother’s Nature’s beauty as we watched these two pairs gliding silently over the water, leaving barely a ripple.

Confused Snow Geese - either a season late or a season early?

The pair returned the following year but for the last two years there’s sadly not been any sign of them.

However, we are grateful not only for the afternoon we shared with them but for having the camera with us also. Such a peaceful, tranquil moment!

With snowflakes finally falling here, creating glorious scenes of winter-wonderlands, there’s no need to ask… “mum, how much longer?”