Touring MY Islands (WPC: Tour Guide)

This week the Daily Post for their Weekly Photo Challenge is asking us to be a Tour Guide by sharing images of where we live. Driving the children to school, I found what could be many captures to highlight our small town. Then the sun came out…

Although we’ve had no real snow of late to talk about only rain, just outside our town has had a surprisingly lot of snow in just the last week alone. In fact our highway, the only way in and out of town, was closed for 24 hours due to a high avalanche risk.

When the sun broke through the clouds yesterday morning, this short respite in weather allowed the highway to reopen thus allowing our life to continue as scripted. It was like watching the heavy stage curtain rise to reveal the performance behind!






Not much longer until… (Wordless Wednesday)




Luscious Liz!!!

Mount Elizabeth, despite the cold temperatures or maybe because of the low temperatures, has been looking exceptionally striking of late. This was her Tuesday.

Lovely Liz, celebrating the beginning of December!

Just a slight contrast to how she presented herself December 1st – teasing us with a light dusting of snow.

Liz teasing us with snow December First

It never ceases to amaze me how stunning Liz looks up close and personal. I know that sounds slightly perving but Mother Nature looks so darn good at times!

Liz's crater up close and personal

Now after a week of plummeting temperatures and blue skies, one would hope it times for some serious snow…  “mum, how much longer?”

The Glow upon Fresh Snow!

Why is it that when I turn off the alarm and go back to sleep, even when I manage to get the children sorted and out the door on time, I feel as if I’m dragging my own feet for the rest of the day? Really, why is that?

The fog outside at least has lifted and the sun is streaming down upon the snow making it appear as if its glowing from within, the sky looking as if its been brushed with water-colors!

Glowing Snow Mountain Range

Mount Elizabeth, with only her peak protruding above a cloud, couldn’t be ignored but what should the focus be on? Should I focus on the trees in the foreground and leaving her a blur in the background?

Focus on Trees

Or should those trees be blurred so the focus could be on the beautiful snow-covered peak of Liz?

Focus on the Mountain Peak

Then again I could do as I always do, focusing completely on Liz, leaving the focus totally on her?

Mountain Peak

And speaking of focusing, I really should begin focusing on my day. The day feels as if it’s almost over and my accomplishments are few. 😦 So with one more glare at the clock, I pull up my socks and finally begin my day but… “mum, how much longer?”

Winter… slowly creeping closer!

The snow outside has once again all-but melted but looking out over to the mountains surrounding our picturesque valley one can see how the snow is obviously growing thicker. Winter is not so far away!

The snow is starting to creep closer!

What is it about snow-capped mountains that makes it feel as if one is living in a post-card? Yes, we are blessed! 🙂

Sunlit Mountains - love them!

The snow on the mountains should soon be reaching our door-step soon but … “mum, how much longer?”

Oh crap!

After the pain of last night, things didn’t seem so bad in the light of day this morning. In fact I was planning on going out after lunch until this…

Careful.. you might trip!

What you can see is the plastic mat that should be under my table in the Studio so my chair can move easily over the carpet but as this mat has nothing to grab the carpet with it has a terrible habit of “creeping“. In this instance it had creeped out from under the table to along the wall between the two tables.

Which I admit didn’t seem so bad as it was covering some electrical cords that go from the wall to the tables so I left it there, completely forgetting the “creeping” habit. What a mistake! This mat not only creeped over the electrical cords but rubbed the tape off as it went causing just enough lift in the mat to get a toe under.

My toes went under, my body went forward and what did I instinctively do? I threw my right arm out… which took my shoulder with it. The pain was immediate. And if that wasn’t enough, as I walked upstairs to grab my trusty painkillers, my heart leapt into my mouth as I saw what looked like the black shadow of someone on the back deck.

Once my heart rate settled I realized what I was seeing was in fact Master Eleven’s wet-suit drying in the sun (with snow-capped mountain in the background I notice now, don’t you love it?!) but in my pain haze it really did feel as if it was something far more sinister!

It's so obviously NOT a person!

Sadly we currently have the situation that our landlord will be finally replacing our front and back decks at the end of the month but the courtesy of having contractors knock on the door to advise they will be plodding around outside my kitchen doesn’t exist. You never know who will be out there which is rather alarming.

Then and there however all I wanted was an empty bed and pain relief… “mum, how much longer?”

Forecast is for Sunshine…

and a smattering of birds perhaps!

Well, that’s what it looked like first thing this morning at our house as the two cats were basking in the sun behind the curtains above our bed. Watching their shadows was just too cute!

Sunshine on my Pusscats!

With all this sunshine streaming down one would have to say… snow much for all that beautiful fresh snow on the mountains I was admiring last night. Isn’t it all so dazzling? I was snapping photos left, right and center!

Fresh snow!

Even from our bedroom window last night looking at the far away mountains, it was just gorgeous. Sadly, the next photo doesn’t do it justice.

Out our bedroom window!

The last of the sun rays of the day shining down on the fresh snow, for me anyways, is just spectacular!

Beautiful, beautiful snow!

I’m still gob-smacked at the amount of fresh snow on the mountains yesterday, it was incredible. Especially as I thought we had the sun shining down upon the house all day.


Is it summer or winter, you choose…

Really, how much snow fell today?!

But soon enough all this glorious snow will be a distant memory and I’ll be sitting in the corner whimpering… “mum, how much longer?”