A Smidge of Snow Tickling Tallinn!

It wasn’t until our last full day in Tallinn that it snowed but it wasn’t snowflake-snow, it was a dry kinda snow. It was so dry it would land on the roof-tops then be “blown” down the drain-pipes. Cool huh?!

Snow on sliding down a Tallinn down-pipe!

How beautiful are these small bushes with just a smattering of snow that we found located near the Hellemann Tower and the Old Wall?

Snow on a small bush outside the Hellemann Tower

Hmmm, I know there’s a saying how moss grows on the south side of things but do you think this relates to snow also? No prizes for guessing as to which was the wind was blowing last night, lol!

Snow blown onto the side of a tree in Tallinn, Estonia.

Then again though, when you see how thick the moss is under this dusting of snow (and doesn’t it look like icing sugar/powder has been dusted over the roots of this tree?) you have to wonder if this moss story is more than a myth!

A dusting of snow on the stump of a tree in Tallinn, Estonia.

To have snowflakes fall on Tallinn would have been beautiful but as we were on foot exploring this incredible Old City, I have to say I was grateful for what there was, or how little there was. Oddly for once I wasn’t looking for more snow and asking… “mum, how much longer?”

Well… it’s a MIST-ery to me!!!

In the words of my children… “C’mon, where’s the snow?”

There had been a light snow-fall overnight but the morning rain was quickly dissolving all evidence to the contrary. A delightful day of fresh snow falling had been replaced with a cold, miserable day with occasional showers.

All was not lost however as the morning was gloriously misty! 🙂

Cold and Wet outside - warm and cozy inside!

Whilst gazing out the window, a flock of seagulls began flying in and around those bare branches which, if you look real close, you can just see the almost ghost-like appearance of one, its wings stretched out, at the top-left-of-center in the photo below. As I say, if you look REAL close, lol! 🙂

Last Leaf Clinging - One Gull Swooping... is this a song perhaps?!

My bedroom window gives me yet another perspective of this bewitching mist, slithering between the trees as if it’s seeking the river to determine a direction to follow.

The Bewitching Mist creating the most magical silhouettes of the trees!

But  yes, this lack of snow is indeed a mystery. For the risk of repeating myself.. “mum, how much longer?”

Oh Liz, you were almost TOTALLY nak-ked!

With the rain we’d experienced over the week-end and particularly yesterday, I honestly thought that the last remaining snow clinging tightly to the side of Mount Elizabeth would finally be extinguished. This would have left Liz completely naked!

Lizzy you're almost nak-ked!

But alas, as the rain clouds that had been covering Liz for the last few days lifted late yesterday evening, Liz’s nakedness was not revealed. In fact it was the opposite.

What happened Liz?

Yep, there was snow up there on them there hills. There was snow to the right but this snow I captured this morning is no longer there thanks to today’s sunshine.

Snow to the Right

However, the snow over to the left is still quietly sitting, waiting for more, MUCH MORE!

Snow to the Left

Now we just want snow, serious snow, down here but… “mum, how much longer?”

SNOW Close!!!


Honestly, the snow is getting SNOW much  closer!

It’s doing my head in watching how the snow fall is ever so slowly creeping down the mountains, as for the children, they are beside themselves… “mum, how much longer?”

A new day…

I went into Miss Eight this morning knowing we’d already discussed last night her going to school today as she’d been skipping around the house by dinner-time and arguing with her brother, always a good sign that things are on the mend.

However she didn’t seem quite as bouncy this morning so I said she could have another day at home to recover but whilst I was having breakfast with Master Ten she came out smiling, wanting company. I ordered her back to bed but I was informed that was boring but before I could even say “well, you know what that means then?” she was already advising me that she was going to school. Within 10 minutes she was dressed, her lunch kit packed and her teeth brushed – talk about  a first!

Then, as if it was some kind of sign, later in the morning the sun came out, shining over the mountains and the fresh snow. Just glorious!

It’s the old catch-22 though isn’t it with these beautiful blue clear skies? Even though it looks simply delightful outside, the temperatures are often much lower than usual. The forecast said it was -5CEL but my thermometer stayed a steady -3CEL whereas Darling Hubby could tell me it was -7CEL in his part of the world. I’m still naive though as when I see these temps I still think we should be getting snow. Since January 1st when we had that incredible day long snow fall there has only been light flurries. I want more… “mum, how much longer?”