Sledding Lapland Style (Tourist Time)

Something we would have loved to have brought back with us from our Christmas in Lapland were the sleds they used. They were like a chair  on skis. You’d push the back of the chair until you had a speed you were  happy with then stand on the skis. Just brilliant!

Over this summer vacation I’m taking trips of another kind. Of a Thursday I’m traveling down memory lane, reminiscing a little about all the traveling we’ve done to various parts of the world as a family!






Living within a Postcard!

With all the snow we had Thursday, Friday and even Saturday night it was inevitable that there would be tobogganing to be enjoyed over the week-end and what better place for this to be achieved than at the Golf Course.

Looking across the snow-covered course it was almost as if we were stepping into a postcard. It was simply breath-taking.

Livin' in a postcard, livin' the dream!

With Christmas just around the corner it’s as if we are living inside our own Christmas card!

Livin the postcard - Merry Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas but… “mum, how much longer?”