The silence of a snowfall (WPC – Silence)

Right after a snowfall where we first lived in Canada was always so beautiful. Along with this snowfall would always come a glorious calming silence. Well, there would be silence for a little while at least.

Following a snowfall the air would be filled with the awful scrapping sound of metal on concrete, intertwined with the sound of machines, as we all cleared our driveways before the next snowfall, ugh!

Silence is this week’s Photo Challenge from The Daily Post.







Dressing up the Old (Monochrome Monday)

Seems only appropriate with the memory of our last snowfall melting further and further away to have one last photograph of a dying branch with snow flakes.


What’s the possibility of more snow in February for us I wonder? Never say never, and February normally is the coldest month so… maybe, just maybe.




Winter White with a Hint of Colour (Wordless Wednesday)








Ghost Ship (Monochrome Monday)

As the snowfall became heavier and heavier, it was as if the harbour was making the most of the opportunity to swallow up this huge cargo under the cloak of whiteness.


As it sailed behind this tree, it would not have surprised me in the least if it hadn’t appeared on the other side. It sent shivers down my spine as I watched.






A Photo a Week Challenge: Fresh (Snow)

With FRESH as this week’s challenge word from Nancy Merrill Photography, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share another photo from last week’s fresh snowfall. Note: Snowfall here is a rarity in the last quarter-century.


The reflection of the pier lights in the harbour behind us created the most glorious background for our neighbour’s tree which, for me, was perfectly coated in just the right amount of snow!






The Perfect Excuse to Relax (WPC: Relax)

Sunday saw our long-awaited first snowfall. With the temperatures low, snow clinging to the branches and rails outside and snow still quietly falling, it didn’t take much convincing for the three of us to stay indoors and relax!


It was a glorious day, watching the snowflakes swirl in the air whilst kicking-back and relaxing. RELAX is the Weekly Photo Challenge word from the Daily Post this week.






Long time coming… (Monochrome Monday)

How glorious it was to wake up to a world covered in a dusting of snow yesterday. It was nothing quite like the epic six-foot we had in one 24-hour period in Kitimat last February but we didn’t care. It was snow!

It's been a long time coming!

We had the beauty of a fresh snowfall without any of the shovelling or worry. It really was quite delightful having the opportunity to simply sit back in the lounge chair appreciating the beauty surrounding us before it disappeared.





Surreal Snow!

Being on the river-bank the other day whilst the snow was falling, gave me a completely different perspective of it. Actually standing under the branches as they caught the snow was simply sensational.

Snow on branches - another perspective from the usual!

It almost felt as if I was intruding as I stood amongst the naked trees as their branches captured the falling flakes – so surreal!

Surreal Snow - what else can you say!

Yes, we’ve all heard how nearly every other person out there is longing for summer to be upon us, wishing this snow away but for me it’s the opposite.

The scenes created by snow are so unique and beautiful I’d be happy for it to continue for much, much longer but… “mum, how much longer?”

Spring MIGHT be on it’s way…

but my frozen Hummingbird feeder tells me it’s still winter even if there is no fresh snow falling. 😦

In the interim this image will just have to sustain me until such time there is once again fresh snow. It would have to be one of my favorite captures from the limited snow we had this past season. For me it eludes to a prehistoric time.

Once the snow falls is like a different world outside my window!

The broken branches of perhaps heavy snowfalls of another time, with the sword-fish like trunks soaring between the dense foliage, for me as I gaze out of my bedroom windows creates an indelible image the forever will stay in my memory.

Or at least until we get our next decent snowfall, lol… “mum, how much longer?”

What is time???

Years ago there was an email going around describing how the different time increments affected different people. For instance 1-100th of a second to the majority of us means nothing but to a competing athlete it could be the difference between a medal or no medal; one minute seems like nothing in our busy day but for the person running to catch the bus for job interview, missing the bus by only a minute could determine a totally different path they are now to follow; and even an hour may not seem such a long time but to those awaiting news of a loved-ones operation it’s excruciating long. Time is always relevant to someone somewhere.

And what has brought on this philosophical thinking you ask? The obvious might have been the Olympic winter games or perhaps a loved one’s illness but no, it was snow. Yes, snow of all things!

You see, this time last week I was looking out my bedroom window to the beautiful snow-covered world outside. It was glorious!

26 One week ago out the bedroom window

Outside my kitchen window was just as beautiful – all this just one week ago.

26 One week ago only

Yet just thirty minutes later the same scene looked so very different – just add wind!

One week, one hour later!

Like those immortal words from Rocky Horror “time is fleeting” yet there are times when one is left looking longingly at the clock groaning… “mum, how much longer?”