Between our three years in Iceland and our four-and-a-half years here in Canada we’ve managed to see one or two BLIZZARDS, this week’s word challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.

Without a doubt, our last blizzard came as part of that incredible snowstorm we experienced back in February. It was a doozy as you well know from my previous post of snow!


This photo was taken in the afternoon towards the end of the massive dump we had – two meters in 24-hours but hey, what a story we got to tell. Again and again and again…







Now there’s a four-letter word beginning with ‘S’ that I’m more than happy to say and see. This photo was taken during our super-snowstorm back in February when we received close to two meters of snow in 24-hours.

OWPC - Snow

I’m MORE than aware I haven’t been brought up with the white-stuff so perhaps would feel differently if I had but since I haven’t… nah nah nah, I can’t HEAR you, lol! 🙂






The Sun Setting on our Snowstorm – Wordless Wednesday

The sun setting on our snowstorm

Afternoon Icicles – Monochrome Madness 53

The afternoon sun cast quite the heavenly hue behind the icicles created from our Snowstorm of the Century.

Afternoon Icicles

With a silence only experienced when there is no electricity at anyone’s house, it was almost magical looking out at them.

Of course, being icicles the natural question was…  “mum, how much longer?”

Light on the Horizon

Having experienced those two intense days of snowing when we received the two meters of snow in as many days, it was wonderful to look out on the second day to see the skies clearing and the sun lighting up the nearby hillside.

Saturday's sunshine after our Snowstorm!

With such fresh, light snow on the tree branches it was as if the trees were being lit from below they were glowing so strongly. It was one of those moments that held you spellbound, knowing you were witnessing something almost profound.

After all that had happened over those two days, this really was the light on the horizon showing us that things would be okay. There would be no need to ask… “mum, how much longer?”

There’s a Chill in the Firewood – Wordless Wednesday

There's a chill in the Fire Wood

Evening Icicles – Wordless Wednesday

Evening Icicles - outside my son's window!

Do you want to build a snowman?

My children declare this song from Disney’s “Frozen” one of the most annoying but every time I look out the window after our Snowstorm of the Century, I just have to start singing it, lol!

It’s been incredible how many people have asked me if I’m happy with the snow we had. Almost everyone knows that when it came to the snow this winter, I’ve asked on more than one occasion… “mum, how much longer?”

Surveying the Snowstorm from Above – Wordless Wednesday

Perusal from a Higher Authority

Appreciating the SCALE of our record-breaking snowfall (WPC)

Now the snow has settled after our record snowfall over the week-end, the scene outside doesn’t look that different to our previous winters. Birds are chirping, children are playing, lol!

What you can’t truly appreciate however is how we went from grass on Thursday to this on Saturday, receiving TWO METERS of snow in just TWO DAYS. This is just a small part of our front yard which is level to the road!

The sheer SCALE of the snow in town is difficult to comprehend!

Imagine an ENTIRE town having to cope with such a colossal amount of snow in such a short period of time, especially with the power being out. We only went without power for maybe 28 hours; some were without power for three days!

The sheer magnitude of snow having to be moved from not only our street, but from parking lots, driveways, rooftops, boats, and even trees as quickly as possible was, and still is, mind-boggling.

The SCALE of this never having been seen by many of us before, and likely never to be experienced again. We were some of the fortunate ones but for many, MANY others the question being asked repeatedly was… “mum, how much longer?”