Summer floating by… (Macro Monday)

Whilst daughter and I were hiking over the summer we came across many of these spider webs still covered with early morning dew drops, giving the illusion of floating.

MM Floating Wisps of Summer

Wow, who would have ever thought I’d be using words like hiking and early morning in the one sentence? My goodness, the times they really ARE a changing!



Hanging on by a Thread! (Wordless Wednesday)






Captured Raindrops (Monochrome Monday)






Washing away the cobwebs! (Macro Monday)

It’s not that it never rains here but for whatever reason last week, the raindrops on the pine needles had me completely and utterly transfixed.

However, it wasn’t until I sat down and began editing my raindrops that I noticed up in the top right-hand corner of this photo a beautifully woven spider’s web!





To SHINE a Natural Light on Halloween (WPC: Shine)

Yesterday morning I couldn’t help but have a quiet chortle to myself when I noticed how Mother Nature was casting her natural light across my “cocooned” chickens. It was as if she was shining a spotlight upon them.


With my ceramic chickens so well and truly secured in the garden, it was easier to have them ensconced in spider-web for Halloween rather than attempting to remove them. Especially as this guy is hanging from the bushes close by.


There’s also the not-so-cutesy decorations. There are several tombstones scattered around the front yard along with the usual body parts in spider-webs plus an old body. Nothing too gruesome for anyone visiting next week.


There’s a rumour our street is popular for trick and treaters hence we have filled our cauldrons with bags of candy in readiness. If only our 8-foot witch standing near the door still cackled, oh well, halloween… bring it on!

SHINE is this week’s Daily Post’s word for the Weekly Photo Challenge.



Fuzzy Beginnings (Macro Monday)


This plant was so intriguing as it seemed to have so many components to it and it was all covered in a wonderful light pink fuzz. As I said, intriguing.

Fuzzy Beginnings

And of course, what would it be if it wasn’t all held together with the thinnest, the most delicate of spider webs. In the words of Louis Armstrong… “what a wonderful world!”



Beautiful Backgrounds

Looking at the background to this photograph it’s possible to think the background was staged but it wasn’t.

This was simply one of those freak shots where everything was as is!

Springtime Webs

As to what this background was I so wish I could remember. I was standing in line for the wash room when this plant caught my eye.

Perhaps it was the paintwork of the building, could have been. As to the possibility of me remembering… “mum, how much longer?”

The only time spiders are okay!

When I was taking Hubby to the doctors yesterday, the last thing I imagined that would be coming home with us would be this spider but I couldn’t resist. A spider shouldn’t be alone for Halloween…

Spider Power - the only time spiders are acceptable!

Plus, it helped explain why I’d put so many spider webs over the house. In the daylight it looks a tad odd but of an evening it all comes together very well!

Halloween House

Even the tombstones in the front yard didn’t escape the spider-web.

Halloween Tombstone...

I’m not sure if it’s obvious but we are sooooo looking forward to Halloween… “mum, how much longer?”