Summer floating by… (Macro Monday)

Whilst daughter and I were hiking over the summer we came across many of these spider webs still covered with early morning dew drops, giving the illusion of floating.

MM Floating Wisps of Summer

Wow, who would have ever thought I’d be using words like hiking and early morning in the one sentence? My goodness, the times they really ARE a changing!



Halloween is so, SO close! (Monochrome Monday)

It feels as if Halloween was only a few months ago, how can it be Halloween again tomorrow night? The days seem to fly by these days without any effort at all!

And if it’s Halloween tomorrow night, that can only mean one thing… Christmas is just around the corner. WOO HOO, let the countdown begin!🎄







Waiting in the Wind (WPC : Waiting)

It became quite the waiting game over the summer to see how many days this withering flower and leaf caught in a spider’s web would last out on our deck. It lasted long enough for me to forget!

Waiting is this week’s Daily Post’s Weekly Photo  Challenge.







To SHINE a Natural Light on Halloween (WPC: Shine)

Yesterday morning I couldn’t help but have a quiet chortle to myself when I noticed how Mother Nature was casting her natural light across my “cocooned” chickens. It was as if she was shining a spotlight upon them.


With my ceramic chickens so well and truly secured in the garden, it was easier to have them ensconced in spider-web for Halloween rather than attempting to remove them. Especially as this guy is hanging from the bushes close by.


There’s also the not-so-cutesy decorations. There are several tombstones scattered around the front yard along with the usual body parts in spider-webs plus an old body. Nothing too gruesome for anyone visiting next week.


There’s a rumour our street is popular for trick and treaters hence we have filled our cauldrons with bags of candy in readiness. If only our 8-foot witch standing near the door still cackled, oh well, halloween… bring it on!

SHINE is this week’s Daily Post’s word for the Weekly Photo Challenge.



Lunch is on Me (Monochrome Monday)

My father brought me up to appreciate the purpose of spiders. And now I appreciate how truly beautiful a spider’s web can be with all those different shapes created by the spider’s silk. A true work of art!

Lunch is on Me Sepia

However all this hasn’t stopped me from despising their very existence. Man those things can move quickly, as this spider’s collection attests to. Lunch anyone?





Halloween, Christmas – it’s all the same

One of my favorite Halloween decorations is one I actually bought at a Christmas shop in Boston a couple of years ago. It’s that of a spider dressed to impress!

Boston Spider - wonderfully gruesome!

What I love is how the spider’s body is shaped like an old pumpkin that has seen more than its fair share of Halloweens. Just glorious!

And the best part, it’s now only one more sleep to candy time! Sorry, Halloween so there’s no need to ask… “mum, how much longer?”

House Warming… LITERALLY

What better way to heat one’s house then to do it naturally!

House Warming... quite literally!

As to how long this house will remain intact though… “mum, how much longer?”

Snack Time

As I made myself a coffee recently I could see something moving just out of the corner of my left-eye.

Wasn’t I surprised to see this spider with his take-out outside the kitchen window – such a big feast for such a tiny spider.

Snack Time

Certainly saves on pesticides however as to his next big feast…  “mum, how much longer?”

Happy Families!

Nature seemed to be in full swing out at my tree the other week. There were even a cluster of spiders hatching.

It was interesting to see how they all clung together when dormant, creating a large ball-like object obviously to protect themselves against predators.

Happy Families!

Then of course, all it takes is a wayward camera strap whilst attempting to photograph something else to brush against the quiet family for pandemonium to break loose!

Happy families until its NOT

My apologies were carried away in the breeze. It was every spider for itself.

I wonder if there was a “look-out” spider who ran the fastest to keep an eye on proceedings who then reported back when it was safe for all to return as the chorus became louder of… “mum, how much longer?”

The only time spiders are okay!

When I was taking Hubby to the doctors yesterday, the last thing I imagined that would be coming home with us would be this spider but I couldn’t resist. A spider shouldn’t be alone for Halloween…

Spider Power - the only time spiders are acceptable!

Plus, it helped explain why I’d put so many spider webs over the house. In the daylight it looks a tad odd but of an evening it all comes together very well!

Halloween House

Even the tombstones in the front yard didn’t escape the spider-web.

Halloween Tombstone...

I’m not sure if it’s obvious but we are sooooo looking forward to Halloween… “mum, how much longer?”