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Travel Theme: Off-Center


The Travel Theme this week from Aisla at Where’s my Backpack? is… Off-Centre. What a BRILLIANT theme, LOVE IT!

My choice for this theme is a photo I took from the dome on our carriage when we traveled by train to Jasper. My gosh that was a great holiday, it would be glorious if we can do it all again one day.


This particular photo was when we were being diverted to a side-track where we waited for what felt like years for a freight train to pass us. It was the longest train I think I’ve ever seen with nearly all the carriages double-stacked with shipping containers.

But hey, with 360ºnatuviews from our dome, a fully packed picnic-bag and a kiosk on board selling cold beverages for both children and adults, it didn’t really matter how long we waited!

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