Spring? What a laugh!








Spring is Springing (Monochrome Monday)

With warmer weather comes more undergrowth. More shades of green, or in this particular instance, more shades of grey then you can imagine.

Nature’s very own “filler“. How gloriously blessed are we to see nature’s finery unfold before our very eyes?




Flamin’ Beauty (Friday Flowers)







From deep within (Friday Flowers)







Hint of Spring Time (Macro Monday)

The blue-purple hues of these Heritage Hydrangeas were simply glorious. As time went on the purple became stronger than the blue.


Here’s to a Spring bursting full with colour and an overabundance of blooms!





Morning Offering (Monochrome Monday)

Each morning as I get into the car to drive the children to school, I can’t help but notice the bush beside the car. It’s gone from bare branches with old berries to having tiny little shoots sprouting all over it.

Morning Offering BW

Mother Nature as always has me in total awe. I watch each day at this once dead-looking bush comes alive with colourful new growth. What can I say but… Mother Nature, you rock!





Reflections of Family Time (Wordless Wednesday)


Reflecting on Family Time

Tipping the Hand of Beauty

Tulips for me always represent the arrival of Spring, even when they’re in a display at the Bellagio in Las Vegas!

Tulips Tipping the Hand of Beauty

We knew the Bellagio was going to be an impressive hotel, but little did we appreciate on what scale this would be until we saw the garden of potted flowers which we could actually walk through IN THEIR FOYERSeriously?

Even before we arrived in Canada it was our plan to create multiple pots of flowers, herbs and vegetables for our decks.

Each year I buy hanging pots filled with growing color, and each year my daughter enquires about our own pots of plants and… “mum, how much longer?”

Time to Bud!

Even with fresh snow on the hillsides this morning, the rain from this last week has signs of Spring evident everywhere! 🙂

Springtime buds with a sprinkling of raindrops!

New life, new beginnings. Perhaps now when it comes to Spring we should simply accept and stop asking… “mum, how much longer?”

Spring Time Showers!

As the rain drops settled upon the branches outside yesterday, the new life within rejoiced and surfaced. Could Spring be finally here?

Rain brings with it the signs of new life!

Although, for me it’s when the bulbs in all the nearby gardens bloom that I know for certain Spring has truly arrived soooo… “mum, how much longer?”