Lily Elongations (iPhriday Flowers)








Unique Stamen Beauty (Macro Monday)

This is the flower I used in my earlier Monochrome Madness post but this time its in all its colourful glory.

Stamen Beauty

This flower still isn’t a favourite of mine but when it comes to photographing it, well that’s a whole new ball-game with it definitely close to the top of the list!





Stamen Beauty (Monochrome Monday)

Having fresh flowers in the kitchen allows me to see in the morning light little things I might otherwise miss.

These flowers have never been a favourite of mine. As a child I was repeatedly told how poisonous they were, but by getting in close then converting it for my Monochrome Monday, my opinion may have just changed!

Stamen Beauty!

It isn’t only bees that are drawn to these delicate stamen filled with pollen. As I look at them up close I am once again reminded how magical Mother Nature is with all she does.

As always, I am left in awe and wonderment with the beauty we are so privileged to experience on what seems a daily basis. How blessed are we…