Showing one’s true colors! (Macro Monday)

The cheeky Stella Jay birds enjoy sitting on the branches directly outside the kitchen window, taunting the cats with their closeness, safe in the knowledge the cats are unable to make contact.

The Stella’s also seem to know when I’m attempting to photograph them. Just when I have the photo set-up, boom, the birds move. That’s okay, I prefer their stunning blue color over their boisterous character anyways!










Just Another Bird down at the Beach (Wordless Wednesday)

Just Another Bird down at the Beach

Backlit Boyz!

When we first arrived in Kitimat, the Stella Jays initially enthralled us with their vibrant colors. That lasted a week, maybe two. They squawk. They scare away the other birds. They’re messy eaters!

Then they disappeared, phew (which we had NOTHING to do with I assure youthought itbut didn’t DO it!). Now they’re back…

Backlit Bird, grrrr...


Oddly they only like to pose for the camera in the morning but with the light behind them they turn into a bat-like image. For this capture I added some back-light, then some more. Brings out it’s inner-evil quite well I think!

If only it was this easy to silence them. Or better yet, move them to another back deck so my little Chickadees can once again feast in peace but… “mum, how much longer?”

Such a Stella Silhouette


You are such a tease. Hanging from the birdseed just outside the kitchen window!

Stella Silhouette

You’re driving poor Miss Poppy absolutely crazy – taunting her the way you do!

Careful though, one day she will be outside and all is fair in love and war. It’s just a case of… “mum, how much longer?”

Stella weather!

I’d always been of the opinion that when the weather was said to be Stella that it meant that it was good. How wrong was I?!

After the extremely wet day we had today as it never stopped raining, I now know this to be incorrect – it’s when the Stella’s come out to play. Oh how the Stella Jay’s enjoyed the rain!

The wetter it was the more the Stella’s played. I was beginning to wonder why there seemed to be fewer Stella’s this year than last year. I’m now thinking that perhaps the rain has a lot to do with it but what about the cold… “mum, how much longer?”