Decaying Beauty (WPC – Weathered)

This very weathered wall in Tallinn, Estonia intrigued me immensely with its varying degrees of texture. At first glance this wall highlights years of neglect – yet at the same time it highlights what was once years of care.

Weathered is this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post.






Enduring City Walls!

First off, today is my Darling Mother’s birthday so a big shout her to her – HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANNY – 83 years young and not looking a day over 70! This is a favorite photo of her that I took when I met she and dad in Cairo to tour Egypt together before continuing on with me to London to stay with me.

Lola ticking a bucket list item at Giza, EygptEgypt, what an incredible country that one is. This was my second visit to Egypt, having been there the previous year when I flew into Cairo before touring Israel on my way down to explore Africa. Ah yes, they were the days… {{ sigh}}

The Sphinx was undergoing MAJOR renovations (read REMAKE) at the time but looking at the Pyramid of Giza in the background it reminded me of the walls that surround the Medieval Old City of Tallinn. (Nice segue huh? LOL!)

City Wall Tower Corner

It’s absolutely incredible to think a wall this old is still so relatively intact. This walkway near Helleman Tower illustrates how different sections have been remodeled over the years to accommodate we tourists!

City Wall Walkway

Epping Tower, with its hand-made armour and interactive exhibition was located just behind our hotel and was at the top of the list of “must see” attractions but unfortunately was closed during our visit.

Tallinn City Wall - Epping Tower

Not to worry as it was still impressive from the outside. We wandered further up this lane-way but quickly doubled-back out of respect for this group standing with a hearse. A sobering reminded to us that this beautiful city is not just a “working” tourist attraction but is also called home by many.

City Wall Journeys end for somewhere

If I’d been asked what the length of this wall measured in total I would have said at least 5km but surprisingly it’s less than half at 2km. This city without doubt contains so VERY much that I’d love the opportunity to return and explore more. Hmmm… “mum, how much longer?”