Extermination time! (Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge #27)

Walking around Tallinn, Estonia I came across some graffiti of a different kind.

Extermination Time

Perhaps it was an inside joke but when you’re not on the inside, it’s sometimes hard to get the joke. What can I say, I hate, no, I DESPISE cockroaches, yuk!

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge




Mural on a Grand Scale

Quite by accident we chanced upon this mural in the lower part of the Old Quebec City. It was absolutely magnificent!

Mural on a GRAND scale!

I love how the contradiction of characters all work together, be they from this era or from the 1700’s, it all works brilliantly. It’s incredible how the tourists almost appear to be as one with the mural.

Oh to be so clever to create something on such a large-scale, one can only dream… “mum, how much longer?”