Feather Underfoot (Monochrome Monday)

Walking outside through the Chihuly Glass and Garden exhibition in Seattle, as breathtaking as the glass sculptures were, the living plants were equally as interesting. Particularly the tiny ones.


These succulents were so tiny they could easily have been missed. It was only this feather, making the small even tinier, that drew my attention to these delightful little succulents.





Sullied Succulent (Macro Monday)

Growing up back in last century, every house had a collection of terracotta pots and old tin cans overflowing with a variety of succulents. Ours were all stacked at the bottom of the back-stairs along with the begonias.


Now it would appear succulents have been deemed almost exotic. This one I discovered quite by accident growing in the Chihuly gardens. A miniature amidst the giants of Chihuly’s works.