Where’s Nemo? (Macro Monday)

This could be regarded as gross but I have to say this bag of fish eggs had me completely engrossed. Someone said one salmon contains 2,000 eggs and after looking at this, I believe it!

Where's Nemo???

Yet as I stood mesmerized by all these eggs, all I could think was that I’ve watched WAY too many Pixar movies as all I could hear was Nemo’s dad frantically calling… “Nemo, where are you?”





Blue mood…

For the longest time Miss Eleven has wanted to experiment with white flowers and food-dye. The end-result speaks for itself!

Blue Blue Daisy by Moo!

The blue-color of the daisy now is so pretty. What was incredible was that the white daisy began turning blue within a matter of two hours!

The blue is also rather reflective of our house today with Master Thirteen still recovering from his worst bout of tonsillitis to-date and my summer cold having grown into the flu, blah. 😦

On the bright side though the clouds are still here and I have a HUGE batch of fresh Minestrone Soup simmering on the stove, dee-lish (recipe coming). As to when we’ll all be healthy once again… “mum, how much longer?”

First Pink of the Season!

Master Thirteen caught his first Pink Salmon of the season yesterday – how’s THAT for a birthday present?!

Birthday Boy with his first Pink Salmon of the Season!With true summer days being forecast for the month ahead, I’m sensing there’s going to be a lot of fish eaten here over the next few weeks.

It will get to the stage I’m sure where we’ll be dreaming of cows and red meat, asking the question… “mum, how much longer?”

Summer Vacation has begun! :)

There may not have been all the whooping and cheering yesterday to mark the end of the school year but we did have something I think that was as equally as good, if not a tad better perhaps… HUMMINGBIRDS!

There’s no denying that enjoying a late breakfast on the back deck with these delightful little creatures is the BEST way to begin a day!

Hummers enjoy the purple blooms!

The return of these delicate little birds I will take as a sign of a wonderful summer about to unfold!

Wednesday Hummer

Now as I sit, waiting, camera poised in anticipation of more happy snaps, my coffee cup empty, I remind myself first of the joy yesterday on seeing their return before deliriously asking… “mum, how much longer?”

What a glorious week-end!!!

It was as if Summer had arrived Friday afternoon, staying with us right through until the sun dipped behind the mountains last night, leaving us with an almost full-moon sitting just there!

Full Moon- just beautiful!

Sorry for the OTT overlay but with JUST the blue sky as background it was just begging for something extra, lol! 🙂

But WHAT a week-end – the boys went fishing, we had a bar-be-que, many a mojito enjoyed, the trampoline is up, “discussions” about bikes being left out have already been had, bird-offerings have been given (thanks Poppy 😦 ), street tag played, walks to the shops had, more fishing equipment both created and bought, and plans for current and future outdoor furnishings have been made.

Now as I sit, almost shivering at the computer since the back-door is open for the cats, the week-end weather is like a dream that has been doused with grey clouds and cool air. Already the question regarding the return of these summer-like days is being asked… “mum, how much longer?”

Giddy-up Girl!

Saturday for Miss Ten was spent at a Horse Grooming and Riding Camp!

For the longest time now Miss Ten has wanted to learn to horse-ride so when this course came up that included horse-grooming we jumped at the opportunity. My Darling Girl was absolutely exhausted by the time I collected her but she was happy and in possession of her certificate for the day!

Certificate Time - although not beaming with happiness she was happy!

Their trainer for the day was just incredible and unbelievably patient. This woman even had Miss Ten achieving an “around the world” after I arrived which was rather awesome!

Round the World 1

An “around the world” involves the rider sitting in all four positions of the saddle. It begins with the rider in the usual position of facing forward, then both legs are swung over side-saddle to the right side of the saddle.

Round the World 2

Then the rider, in the regular riding position, faces the tail!

Round the World 3

Then both legs are placed side-saddle on the left-hand side of the horse.

Round the World 4

At this point Miss Ten should have swung her right leg back over the horse to face forwards but as it was time to dismount the trainer had her face the rear once again.

Then it's ready...

Miss Ten then actually sat on the hindquarters of the horse.


Then Miss Ten dismounted by sliding off over the tail of the horse – it was so cool!


Of course she’s now more than ever eager to continue riding and is quizzing me… “mum, how much longer?”

The one that got away…

How familiar is that saying to anyone who has a fishing person in their house… “you should have seen the one I almost had but it got away…” Yea right, believe that and you’ll believe anything huh? Weeelllll…..

Master Twelve experienced that BIG TIME yesterday. Check out the pull on his line!

Yep, there's definitely a big fish pulling on that there line!

This Pink Salmon put up one crazy fight!

One great fight from this fish!

Master Twelve even had this fish up on the rocks where he was able to get a really good look at the size of his catch, and what a catch!


He, and I, were just so excited with this fish. It was HUGE! So you can imagine his devastation when it jumped back into the water. He agreed without any hesitation that in future we’d save the photos until after the catch thus allowing me to be on the ready with the net ensuring no more losses!

In the interim however it’s back to the water, casting cautiously whilst speculating… “mum, how much longer?”

They have WADERS…

and aren’t afraid to use them!

Darling Hubby decided after a rather average season of fishing last year, he would buy himself and Master Twelve waders like the locals and Sunday morning they were christened!

Just another Sunday fishin'

Master Twelve was once OBSESSED with fishing but sadly this obsession appeared to wane after moving to Kitimat but apparently it all came down to a pair of waders. Now he has them all he wants to do is fish!

Waders in our part of the world aren’t common but everyone who was there first thing this morning wore a pair, and trust me, there were a LOAD of people fishing this morning (even if I have managed to take a photo giving the appearance of my two being alone)!

Darling Hubby was only too happy to share his knowledge whenever he was asked.

Father teaching son...

Comically people either side of them were catching fish when these two weren’t, so my boys would quietly reposition themselves but to no avail. Wherever they stood the people either side of them would catch fish but they wouldn’t. The fish were a decent size too as you one can see!

Fish anyone

I shouldn’t laugh but if you’d watching it on television you would have said it had been edited to “appear” they weren’t catching anything but I can assure you, everyone else on that river were catching fish, just not my two. 😦

That’s not to say they weren’t getting fish on their lines but for whatever reason, the fish weren’t staying. The truly ironic thing is that these two fisherman are all about the catch and release, they don’t keep the fish, silly fish were avoiding the wrong lines!

I was so proud of Master Twelve as although he brought nothing home, he wasn’t upset, he was merely planning what he’d do next time! It didn’t hurt either that both fisherman after their luckless morning fishing went and bought themselves new rods. MORE FISHING RODS I ask?

Seriously gentlemen, how much fishing rods do two men need? When will it stop… “mum, how much longer?”

Happy 12th Birthday!

My Darling Boy is now twelve, yes twelve, WOW!

His sleep-over party last night is being deemed a total success as one lad didn’t close his eyes at all whilst there was a close second with another saying he closed his eyes twice but for only 30 minutes at a time and he genuinely believes he wasn’t sleeping… simply resting his eyes, lol! (Isn’t he going to make a wonderful Grandpa one day as that’s what my father would always say much to the delight of my two little cherubs 🙂 )

After breakfast it was outside for some Silly String entertainment where “he who did not sleep” was more than happy to be the target of everyone’s frivolity!

No matter the age, Silly String is always fun!

And the same again with the colored hair spray, “he who did not sleep” was more than happy to comply with being the recipient of everyone’s attention. Mind you, he wore it well!

Not everyone can wear color this well!

Then it was time to blow out the candles – Miss Ten kept a close eye on things!

12th Birthday Cake candle time

Master Twelve was very clear on what cake he wanted. To the point he even did the green icing himself!

Birthday Cake as decorated by Master Twelve!

For whatever reason, I’m finding cake baking in Canada extraordinarily difficult. It’s just not happening for me although I did begin to wonder after the first attempt on Sunday if perhaps Butter Cake wasn’t the best choice. So yesterday I changed to Sponge Cakes, the first time I’ve ever made one mind you. Two days and EIGHT cakes later we had these final three…

What shade of green do you prefer

We were meant to be going out to dinner tonight to celebrate Young Sir turning twelve but as it was he was snoring by 6pm and had to be woken to open his presents from the family when Darling Hubby arrived home from work, we’ve postponed dinner for tomorrow night!

Which is more than fine by me as it’s now only 8pm and I’m staring at the clock, barely able to keep my eyes open wondering… “mum, how much longer?”