PhotoRehab Cover Makeover #10

Oh how time flies when you’re either having fun or have children who have been home for the last two month’s on summer vacation finally returning to school today albeit for only two hours.

Consequently here it is, almost ten hours later than intended, but here is my version of this week’s book jacket makeover from Desley over at Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist.

Lord of the Rings

This is absolutely NOTHING like envisioned as the photo I had in mind I simply couldn’t find in my archives. Then when I went to insert this into my post, there was my photo. Turns out I’d only taken it last week. Shows you how much I can pack into a week without even trying, lol.

And now that’s done, it’s on to make dinner which sadly, is not nearly as much fun as Desley’s makeovers. 😦

Cover Makeover Badge






Pinch and a Punch ALREADY!

I don’t know about the children but whilst THEY’VE been out on Summer Vacation, the days have absolutely flown by for me!

Here it is September First already. Summer is over, whilst Fall truly makes its presence felt!

With all the wind and rain we’ve had of late, this cartoon by Juan Carlos Partidas seemed almost like a weather forecast, oops!

Fall has arrived by Juan Carlos Partidas

And with fall comes the beginning of a new school year, or does it?

The announcement of whether or not BC children are actually returning to school tomorrow is being left until the eleventh hour. So… “mum, how much longer?”

Oh but a distant memory!

It only takes a couple of good hot, cloudless days to make it feel as if clouds sitting in my valley as they did of a morning at the beginning of the week, a distant memory!

Clouds in my Valley, oh but a distant memory...

Although I have to admit from a personal prospective I’m loving the legitimate reason for staying downstairs in my Studio where it is SO much cooler and inviting.

I’ve ALMOST completed one ENTIRE scrapbook so I’m more than happy with myself – something major completed whilst keeping my mind off a few health issues. Like everything in life, one things always seems to lead to something else. 😦

But how I miss my clouds. As for their return… “mum, how much longer?”

First Pink of the Season!

Master Thirteen caught his first Pink Salmon of the season yesterday – how’s THAT for a birthday present?!

Birthday Boy with his first Pink Salmon of the Season!With true summer days being forecast for the month ahead, I’m sensing there’s going to be a lot of fish eaten here over the next few weeks.

It will get to the stage I’m sure where we’ll be dreaming of cows and red meat, asking the question… “mum, how much longer?”

Pulchritudinous Flowers!

Now isn’t that a mouthful… pulchritudinous… it’s quite funny when you see one of the synonyms for this word, besides magnificent and delightful, is also nice, lol! 🙂

Over the Summer Vacation I found the children and I were having lots of discussions about vocabulary. Particularly how when you hear a certain word you can associate it with a particular person as we all tend to favor words.

So as I went to type the subject heading delightful flowers I decided to “step out of my box“. Whether or not I’m actually pronouncing this word correctly, or if I can even spell it tomorrow well, that’s a totally different matter!

Regardless, this rather extraordinary long word does somehow seem befitting of my flowers this week don’t you think?!

Pulchritudinous Flowers!!!

I particularly love the Stock that are scattered amongst the bunch. Their perfume is so subtle but exquisite!

Stock shot... my current FAVORITE flower!

And to use one of my particular words, I think these were a delightful way to end the week, and I ordered and chose them myself there was no speculating… “mum, how much longer?”

Back to school… if only for 2 hours!

Have we really had nine weeks of Summer Vacation? It seems to have been and gone in a flash.

Of the all the things that Master Twelve and Miss Ten either achieved or attempted over this Summer Vacation, and trust me there’s been QUITE a lot, this hasn’t been one of them. I have a hunch however that this has been pondered on more than one occasion though! 🙂

Last Day of School Vacation Fun

First day back and already we’re doubled booked for this evening! Why must everything happen at once?

Seriously, if this is a taste of how things are gearing up for this school year, excuse me please as I’m about to run down the road, tearing my hair out, all the while screaming… “mum, how much longer?”

Last day of Summer Vacation and FISHING!

The Gods were certainly smiling down upon our small town today with warm weather and clear, blue skies. What a wonderful way for all the children to finish their Summer Vacation!

For Miss Ten it was perfect as it was the best-friend’s birthday so what better way to help someone celebrate but by being out and about with a gift in one hand and birthday cake in the other, heaven! 🙂

For Master Twelve conditions were also perfect for his final day of the Kitimat Fishing Derby and his last day of fishing for the season. His fish from yesterday’s over-nighter on the Douglas Channel with Boot Boy and his dad, saw him just two pounds off the wining catch. Still rather large though, especially when you have to get them into the everyday refrigerator!

Prize Derby Catch... almost!

This morning it was back down to the river for him to see what was left down there. Remarkably there were still a few decent sized Pink Salmon. Today it was all about being caught on film before being released. This was his second last fish of the season.

Kitimat - Second Last Pink!

And this is the very last Pink Salmon of the 2013 season.

Kitimat - VERY Last Pink 2013!!!

And as I’m “Mother of the Year“, an award graciously bestowed upon me by the Trading Group of “Me, Myself and I“, I stayed home labeling school supplies, completing school and bus forms, and doing four loads of washing, drying, and folding.

All the while I was looking forlornly out the window, watching as the sun moved over the house taking my day with it, thinking… “mum, how much longer?”

Having Crabs depends on the context…

Thanks to Master Twelve’s day out on the water Wednesday, last night we feasted on having lovely fresh Dungeness Crab – FIVE  crabs to be precise! How fabulous is this platter Darling Hubby created?!

Crab Fiesta - YEA BABY!

The crabs were absolutely delicious! These crabs have so much meat in them that even with five of us last night for dinner eating them (I could even say six as when it comes to crab I can eat for two!) we still had crab left-over. Enough for a delightful Crab Cob this afternoon with drinks I’m hoping, fingers-crossed!

Oh, and FYI: we crab eaters also tried a Pretty Purple Pepper along with the crab. These things we each ate were no bigger than one of those tiny little styrofoam balls that you fill bean-bags with and all I can say is… WOW, they are hotter than anything I’ve EVER tried before! One of the boys was on the floor spinning in circles, he couldn’t speak for 10 minutes his mouth was burning so much!

Although there was pain the flavor before the heat set in was fantastic, I can’t wait to attempt a relish out of them. On Camembert, on fish, on steak, oh my, it would be sooooo tasty… “mum, how much longer?”

Not just any BABYSITTER!

Within a matter of 24 hours Master Twelve became a certified, card-carrying Baby-sitter…

Card carrying baby-sitter!

Then after shooting this the following day…

Target Practice results - not bad for a first timer!

Master Twelve now holds a certificate in handling a .22 Rifle. The instructor informed me yesterday when I went to collect Master Twelve that he’s a natural – eeh gads!

With two certificates like that under his belt he’s well prepared for whatever any future little chargers throw at him. It should all be good though with very few left whimpering in their beds… “mum, how much longer?”

The one that got away…

How familiar is that saying to anyone who has a fishing person in their house… “you should have seen the one I almost had but it got away…” Yea right, believe that and you’ll believe anything huh? Weeelllll…..

Master Twelve experienced that BIG TIME yesterday. Check out the pull on his line!

Yep, there's definitely a big fish pulling on that there line!

This Pink Salmon put up one crazy fight!

One great fight from this fish!

Master Twelve even had this fish up on the rocks where he was able to get a really good look at the size of his catch, and what a catch!


He, and I, were just so excited with this fish. It was HUGE! So you can imagine his devastation when it jumped back into the water. He agreed without any hesitation that in future we’d save the photos until after the catch thus allowing me to be on the ready with the net ensuring no more losses!

In the interim however it’s back to the water, casting cautiously whilst speculating… “mum, how much longer?”