Daily Admiration (WPC: Admiration)

Regardless of what happened yesterday to anyone, and what could be happening tomorrow to any one of us, each and every day the sun still rises to announce the beginning of another new day.

Daily Admiration

There’s been more than one occasion where I’d much prefer to pull the covers back over my head, pretending time has stood still. Alas, time never stands still and regardless of what’s going on in your life or mine, the sun still rises to greet us.

I have nothing but ADMIRATION for Mother Nature who continues on regardless, like so many other mother’s in every country around the world each and every day!



Contrary Carnations

These flowers looked as if they were from another planet entirely. The stem is that of a carnation but the top is like something from Dr Seuss!

Contrary Carnation

When the day is over the flick of a switch has the kitchen under a cloak of darkness. I always remain motionless for a time. What’s the chance these blooms grow legs in the shade of the night?

Perhaps Thing One and Thing Two will come alive, lol. 🙂 As I stood in the kitchen, not daring to even breathe, I had to wonder… “mum, how much longer?”


Searching Sun Rays

We’d hoped for more clouds to greet us this morning upon awakening but alas, the sun was shining extraordinarily brightly instead, as if boasting she’d outwitted those pesky clouds.

Searching Sun Shine

Perhaps tomorrow we’ll have more success with clouds and a little rain but for now I’ll simply close the curtains from the blinding light whilst muttering to myself… “mum, how much longer?”

Forecast is for Sunshine…

and a smattering of birds perhaps!

Well, that’s what it looked like first thing this morning at our house as the two cats were basking in the sun behind the curtains above our bed. Watching their shadows was just too cute!

Sunshine on my Pusscats!

With all this sunshine streaming down one would have to say… snow much for all that beautiful fresh snow on the mountains I was admiring last night. Isn’t it all so dazzling? I was snapping photos left, right and center!

Fresh snow!

Even from our bedroom window last night looking at the far away mountains, it was just gorgeous. Sadly, the next photo doesn’t do it justice.

Out our bedroom window!

The last of the sun rays of the day shining down on the fresh snow, for me anyways, is just spectacular!

Beautiful, beautiful snow!

I’m still gob-smacked at the amount of fresh snow on the mountains yesterday, it was incredible. Especially as I thought we had the sun shining down upon the house all day.


Is it summer or winter, you choose…

Really, how much snow fell today?!

But soon enough all this glorious snow will be a distant memory and I’ll be sitting in the corner whimpering… “mum, how much longer?”