Sunflower Freedom (Macro Monday)

This summer I’m toying with the idea of planting sunflowers in our yard. Just where in our yard I have no clue as technically we only have the one unsuitable flower bed.

As I look at this sunflower that was growing randomly in a field, it makes me wonder if I should simply sprinkle sunflower seeds across the backyard and let nature take care of the rest!





Sunny Side Up (Flower Friday)

The only thing better then photographing sunflowers is editing them!

It’s one of those few times I really enjoy the colour yellow!





When the Sun leaves the Flower (Monochrome Monday)

Sunflowers have been bought with the shopping every other week for the sole purpose of photographing. And every other week the petals begin falling before inspiration has hit, lol. Today however I thought I would embarrass my petal-less bloom!


After plucking the few remaining petals off, it was intriguing to see how the sunflower kept it’s sunflower essence thanks to its Involucre, the green petal-like parts at the flower’s base.






Blooming Summer Sunshine (Flower Friday)


Blooming Summer Sunshine





Sunflower Sunlight (Flower Friday)


Sunflowers in the Sunlight