Pretty Little Insect (OWPC – Insect)

When it comes to attractive insects the one that comes immediately to mind for most of us is the butterfly. If you can believe Wiki there are some 18,500 species. Who knew!

Insect is the One Word Photo Challenge this week from Jennifer Nichole Wells.





This way to the Light (Monochrome Monday)

One of our neighbours has the largest bunch of Ornamental Grass growing beside their house I have seen in a long time. On this particular evening the sun was hitting it just so.


One day over the summer one, of our cats was making his way around one side of this grass following a bird. Unbeknownst to Sir Fergus, making its way up to the same grass on the other side was a young fawn.

Our cat didn’t run, he flew inside our house once he locked eyes with the fawn. Normally he’s a great deer detector as he can be fast asleep then wake suddenly to stare out the window where we’ll see a deer. This was SO not the case this day, oh dear.





Blooming Summer Sunshine (Flower Friday)


Blooming Summer Sunshine





Sunflower Sunlight (Flower Friday)


Sunflowers in the Sunlight



Knock, Knock, anybody home? (Wordless Wednesday)


Knock Knock




The Colours of Frost! (Wordless Wednesday)

The Colours of Frost!




Frosted Mornings! (Wordless Wednesday)

Frosty Mornings


Calm Before the Storm – Monochrome Madness

Seeing the peak of Mount Elizabeth this year has been a rarity so when I looked out my window just over a week ago, seeing both her peak AND sunlight, I rushed for the camera.

Calm before the Snow Storm

All I managed were four photos before the clouds closed back in, once again shielding her from my view. I’ve not seen her since.

That was until yesterday. The clouds parted, having dumped two meters of snow upon us in just 48 hours. As our immediate world was blanketed in the deepest snow, there stood Liz, looking almost the same as in this photo.

How can this be Liz? Where’s your luxurious cloak of white? Seriously… “mum, how much longer?”

Sunlight in the Mist

Shafts of light directed onto the earth from the heavens above when the rest of the sky appears dark and gloomy, I always find wondrous.

Sunlight in the Mist

The leaves, albeit briefly, incandescent in the afternoon light absolutely breath-taking.

To look away for even a moment can have you missing something astonishing and leave you asking about the next time and… “mum, how much longer?”