Frangipani Freshness (Flower Friday)


Fragipani Freshness





Iconic Grid (Weekly Photo Challenge)

This week’s challenge word from the Daily Post is… GRID.

So many images were flashing through my mind this week when first thing this morning I awoke with an “ah-ha” moment. Okay so Hubby turned on the lights, then placed a hot cup of coffee on my bedside table but it was kinda the same!

Grid WPC

This was NOT the photo I was thinking of in bed. However when I turned on my computer up came my photo of the Sydney Opera House and all those hundreds and hundreds, thousands and thousands of tiles. Now there’s a grid!

When you stare at it, you can see the grid within the grid. It may not be your regular tick-tack-toe grid but for me, that’s grid enough for me!




Frangipani Friday! (Flower Friday)

Oh. My. Goodness. Did I forget to post a photo of a frangipani last month?

Raindrops on Frangipani Petals

Dang, I may just have to post two photos this month to make up for it, lol! 😉



Just a hint of blush in the morning light!


What can I say but… so many frangipani, so little time, lol!

These are some of the beautiful pale-pink frangipani we found in Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens.

Blushing Pale Pink Frangipani

And you know what? This isn’t the last frangipani photo I have either but I promise I’m going to attempt to limit myself to just the ONE frangipani photo ONCE a month.

Then again, perhaps I could simply rename Flower Friday to Frangipani Friday... now THERE’S an idea, lol! 🙂





Pink and Pretty – Flower Friday

What better for Flower Friday than this glorious hot pink frangipani we discovered in Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens.

Up Close Hot Pink Frangipani

Every time I look at this flower with the raindrops still upon it, I think of our time in Sydney… good times, good times!


Berry nice in colour also, lol!

Yes, I know, I know… this is the same photo from yesterday but what can I say? I like it!

Berry nice in Color also...

Honestly, I like both equally, be it in color or in black and white – sometimes it just comes down to mood don’t you think?!


Berry, berry nice in Black and White! (MM2-8)

Even after all these weeks later I still can’t decide if these berries which LOOK like blueberries are actually blueberries. Berry Nice BW

Does it matter? Not at all as at the time all temptation to try one was resisted, instead savouring the moment with this photo!

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Beauty and the Beast!

When I took this photo I honestly don’t remember that fly being there however, knowing me the way I do, it would be just like me to think taking a photo of a fly was a good idea!

Beauty and the Beast

Why this composition appeals to me I couldn’t explain in any way that makes any sense except… ’cause it does. Sometimes it simply is what it is!

Seriously, as if YOU wouldn’t do this – Wordless Wednesday

Sydney Harbor Bridge Workers

Let’s get straight to the point shall we? (MM2-7)

If it hadn’t been for Master Thirteen and his God Father concocting many and varied dares for $20, I may never have looked up (read, rolled my eyes…) and noticed the deterrents Sydney had placed under the bridge above us at Circular Quay.

Bird Deterrent 101

Yes it may have deterred the birds from sitting there, thus pooping on unsuspecting tourists below, but looking at all the trash caught in the spikes I’m wondering if a “I was pooped on at Sydney Harbour” may not be such a bad story after all.

Then again, not everyone’s thirteen year old is being dared to roll across Circular Quay… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. How else would I have photos of him lying in a square covered in french fries waiting for a flock of seagulls to descend upon him!