Decaying Beauty (WPC – Weathered)

This very weathered wall in Tallinn, Estonia intrigued me immensely with its varying degrees of texture. At first glance this wall highlights years of neglect – yet at the same time it highlights what was once years of care.

Weathered is this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge from The Daily Post.






Teasing all our Senses (OWPC: Food)

It’s more than simply just the food when eating out. This was very much the case when we were visiting Tallinn, Estonia. The ambiance in the 300 year-old restaurant complete with a true bread-basket together with the food was simply divine.

It’s said we eat with our eyes but on this particular night all five of our senses were tingling with delight. Food is the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole-Wells this week.

Christmas Markets – Tallinn (Fav Foto Friday)

Walking around the old city of Tallinn – Estonia for the first time, to stumble upon this Christmas Market was almost too much for me. It reminded me of the wonderful Christmas markets from when I lived in Germany.

Christmas Markets - Tallinn

We were so very lucky to have experienced it at all. It was early January and the night we just happened to wander down to these markets turned out to be the very night they were packing up. How lucky was that?!





Tallinn Tower (November One Four Challenge – Week 4)

The checkered flag is flying in the breeze, we are at the fourth and final week of the One Four Challenge being hosted this month by Photography by Nic. Being the last week I have done a little bit of everything with a little bit of everything.

First I dabbled in Photoshop, then it was a quick visit to Snapseed before returning to PhotoScape. And here we are. Where was this influence last month for Halloween I ask?!


Here is my original photo I took in the beautiful old city of Tallinn – Estonia, along with all my previous three weeks of editing.

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It’s been an absolutely fabulous month. Hopefully everyone has enjoyed the One Four Challenge for November as much as I have. Many thanks to the ever patient and helpful Nic for hosting this month – it’s been a blast!

the ONE FOUR Challenge




Tallinn Tower (November One Four Challenge – Week 3)

Week 3 of the November One Four Challenge hosted this month by Photography by Nic. This is where we choose a photo of our own then process it a different way for the next four weeks.

My plan this week was to simply alter the saturation. Then I began tweaking colours, brightness, and hues. I’d promised myself I wouldn’t touch the contrast but couldn’t help myself. And once I did that I felt some severe cropping was required.


Strangely, I really like the editing for this week. Some might say too much but I really like how it feel as if the tree is almost three-dimensional. Below is my original and the previous weeks processing.

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To see more submissions for this challenge, head over to Nic’s blog, Photography by Nic to see hers and the links to everyone else participating in the One Four Challenge this month.

the ONE FOUR Challenge





Ornate Tallinn Teacups (WPC)

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge word for this week is ORNATE. Scrolling through my thousands of photos looking for just one photo of something ornate, one thing became apparently clear, ornate things obviously don’t pique my interest.

For unique and different there were loads to choose from but not so much ornate. Then I stumbled upon this uniquely different but also ORNATE revolving tea-cup display complete with teaspoons.

Ornate Clock

It was simply beautiful. As was the coffee shop come chocolate shop it was in. Each day I was in Tallinn, almost wherever I went exploring I’d first have to walk past this display and every day I would stop to admire it.





Tallinn Tower ( November One Four Challenge – Week 2)

Here we are Week 2 of the November One Four Challenge being hosted this month by Photography by Nic. This is the challenge where we choose one of our own captures then process it a different way for four consecutive weeks.

For this week I’ve simply changed out the colour to monochrome, done a little cropping but have left the church on a slight angle, giving more emphasis to the tree in front.


Here is my original photo and last week’s processing for comparisons.

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Be sure to check out Nic’s blog, Photography by Nic, for her work this week on the challenge and also for the links to all the other submissions for the One Four Challenge.

the ONE FOUR Challenge





Tallinn Towers (One Four Challenge – Week 1)

Another month, another One Four Challenge where we choose one of our own captures then process it a different way for the following four weeks. This month, Photography by Nic is hosting this challenge whilst Robyn take a well-deserved break!

So without further ado here is my image for this week, one of the many church towers in the old city of Tallinn, Estonia last year. For this week I’ve simply straightened the photo, cropped it slightly and of course boosted the contrast.


Here is my original capture for comparison.

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Be sure to check out lovely Nic’s, Photography by Nic for her submission along with links to all the other submissions for this wonderful challenge this month.

the ONE FOUR Challenge




Extermination time! (Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge #27)

Walking around Tallinn, Estonia I came across some graffiti of a different kind.

Extermination Time

Perhaps it was an inside joke but when you’re not on the inside, it’s sometimes hard to get the joke. What can I say, I hate, no, I DESPISE cockroaches, yuk!

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge




DOOR into a lifetime ago! (WPC)

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is… DOOR.

This door particularly piqued my interest when I was in Tallinn, Estonia last year. A door in a wall that was covered in moss complete with roots hanging down from above.

Tallinn Door

The only thing that could have made this even more interesting and even more enticing was if an elf or mystical creature had emerged from it, lol.

But you gotta wonder though… what is with that pipe?!