A Rusty Crossing (Monochrome Monday)

Every other month my son needs to visit the orthodontist 145km away. Fortunately for me, the almost 300km round-trip provides some of the most spectacular scenery no matter what the season. The old iron bridges are simply a bonus!


The railway bridges draw me to them like moths to a flame. The rust and the general aging of them bear witness to their strength against all that Mother Nature can throw at them.






Opposites Attract

Out of the corner of my eye I thought it was perhaps a sap on the ground but on closer inspection it was a flower of sorts.

Opposites Attract

The white flowers against the bark and dead leaves provided quite a contrast. Night and day. Not something you see every day.

As to seeing something like this again… “mum, how much longer?”

Delicate Drops

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me with the multitude of flowers she’s created.

These purple flowers particularly intrigued me as they seemed just a little like a Blue Bells but at the same time there appeared to be a little green “pepper” being created in the middle of the flower cluster. Huh?

Purples and Yellows

The odd rain droplet added to the mix was kinda nice also. If only there’d been more droplets perhaps I could have managed just ONE in focus then, lol!

Speaking of which, where’s my forecasted rain for today… “mum, how much longer?”

Prickly Situation

Some may see it as a prickly situation but as Hubby filled our trailer full of fire-wood last month, I couldn’t help but admire the wild-flowers growing near-by.

Beautiful Thistle Flowers!

The Thistles particularly caught my attention, their flowers simply glorious.

Like the Prickly Pear, these bushes produce the most delightful flowers but because of the spikes on the leaves, photography is the best way to appreciate them.

As the summer wanes, sadly so does the abundance of the wild-flowers. Each and every time I see any I can’t help but admire their natural beauty although… “mum, how much longer?”

Stationery with a View!

As we made our way home from the Big Smoke on Sunday having filled our trailer with fire-wood in readiness for winter, we detoured by a store or two. At one of our stops just as I opened my door I noticed this scene which rather took my fancy.

By the side of the parking lot!

Wedged between the parking lot where we were and the train tracks on the other side there was this small slice of beauty.

Perhaps it was with the cloud-cover above (as if the cloud-cover is going to be anywhere else…) but the greens and yellows of this bush along with the browns of the long grass appeared almost glowing in the late morning light.

Ever so slowly I’m learning to “seize the moment” with my camera, trying hard not to be distracted whilst others in the background tap their toes as if to say… “mum, how much longer?”

Tread lightly Little Friend!

Footprints in the snow, particularly animal tracks, leave me wondering what species was it, where were they going and just what were they doing?

These tracks I saw on the VERY frozen Onion Lake last Saturday week. This lake is our half-way marker between Kitimat and Terrace.

Footsteps on ice - looks like it was a party!

But it was these two sets of tracks I liked the most – walking side by side off into the sunset… or to the distant shadows into the forest at least!

Tread lightly little friend - you never know how thin that ice could be...

Yes, tracks in the snow always leave me intrigued, especially on ice as how do the animals know it’s safe to cross and how do they know… “mum, how much longer?”

The beauty of one!!!

Can you believe it, we are now in our THIRD day of snow!

Something we once took so much for granted his now almost a treat. And yes, I have shoveled the drive-way and slid around the streets MORE than once in the last couple of days yet STILL call snow a treat so down from your high-horse people, okay? Lol, seriously though, after just two days this is my front deck! 🙂

HOW much snow did we have in two days???

Incredulity as I drove home on Saturday in the sunshine after dropping Master Twelve at his Marksmanship Zone Competition in Terrace, you would NEVER have expected the weather we are currently having. Since I was alone Saturday for my return to Kitimat, I took this opportunity to stop for a photo or two by the river.

Watching the flowing ice through the trees - glorious!

This first stop however was my favorite – it was so quiet and peaceful!

Debris of all sorts in the flowing water

The sun may have been shining but it was bitterly cold however it didn’t deter me from stopping FOUR times. Sadly seeing the size of the ice chunks in the river did nothing to warm me either trust me!

Would you like ice with that???

But how cool is this old tree-house – what a view there must be from up there! 🙂

House with a view - how cool is this?!

The water was flowing quickly yet was so clear seeing the river-bed below was no trouble at all.

What crystal clear flowing water - how beautiful!

What a glorious afternoon it was taking photographs although I do wonder if anyone noticed how I would be opening one door when was already open, then racing around to ensure that first door was still open before closing the second door. There was NO WAY I was going to be locked out of my car in that bone-chilling wind. Each time I did this I found myself asking… “mum, how much longer?” 😉

Never thought I’d hear THAT!

The other week as I was on the phone to my mother, going through each family member as to how they were and what they were doing, we began discussing Master Twelve and his upcoming Marksmanship Trials with cadets.

My mother went on to ask did he actually own a gun, of course not I stressed over the phone lines and her response… well, Nanny wants him to have a gun, go buy him a gun from me then! WTF!?

Did my mother just tell me to buy my son a gun? She did message me a little later to say she’d been going over our conversation and was having second thoughts and said naturally the decision should come down to Hubby and I. Thank you mother, lol!

As for the trials he made reserve, YEA! Considering he’s only in his first year of cadets, had never held a gun until last summer and then only for a day, and does NOT own a gun – it was pretty bloody good. Anyways, guess who helped his team come SECOND at competition in Terrace on Saturday? Yup, Master Twelve received the call!

My  shooting son - who'd have thought!

Thank goodness he had his hair cut the previous day, phew!

That's my boy!

At the end of the first round, attempting to take a group shot, I felt a little like one of those ducks you see at the fairs!

Dare you to hit me!

We couldn’t be prouder of our young man, as for his having his own gun I’m still not quite ready to address that issue so in the interim it will be… “mum, how much longer?”

Magnificent Mountain Ranges!

Driving around Terrace last week-end, the clouds would occasionally part allowing the sun to shine through, treating us to this most beautiful scene. The snow-capped mountains in the distance were just glorious.

Snow-capped Mountains in the Distance

Yet, as I attempted to capture this moment, Mother Nature was only too eager to remind me how quickly it can change. Within minutes of this first capture the clouds, like fingers across my lens, began their slow return.

It all changes in a matter of moments

This “now you see it, now you don’t” attitude from Mother Nature explains why I’m often left asking… “mum, how much longer?”

Hibernating for the winter, not us!

Thanks to low cloud cover Saturday you would never had guessed that the sun is now rising earlier and setting later. Consequently at 5pm as we drove to Terrace it was reasonably dark. A cruel twist of fate one might say. Why you ask? Well

Initially I wasn’t going to take my camera but when Hubby exclaimed to me in one of those “but you’ve paid so friggin’ much for it why not take the darn thing” kinda voices, he had me reconsidering my decision. Then I’d actually taken the camera out of my bag, sitting it on my knee after noticing Bald Eagles were sitting close to the river, thinking finally I might be able to get “the” natural shot of an eagle.

How cruel it was then to have my camera poised ready yet due to this lack of light result in my dismal, yet very pretty in a technicolor kind of way, photo of a “sleuth” of bears!

Seriously there was something like six to eight bears here!

Can you believe that in an area which is often to referred to as “Bear Paddock” there were at least six, if not eight, HUGE big black bears looking like Angus Bulls from the roadside? Or as Master Twelve preferred to say that they looked like and were indeed rocks. That was until one suddenly moved causing everyone to shriek, “they’re bears, they’re bears“!

Honestly, you could have slipped in the sarcasm that was dripping from my reply of, “oh really?”

Seriously though, these bears were HUGE and they were out in the middle of January, what’s with that? Do they think winter has been and gone, or were they still feeding in preparation for something we don’t know is about to come?

So as our snow once again begins to fall I’m considering in future when it comes to winter and snowfall advice perhaps I should be asking Mama Bear… “mum, how much longer?”