Seriously, do I LOOK like a Llama? (OWPC – Llama)

This is Herbert. I’d popped into the grocery store last month to simply pick up some milk and came away with Herbert. Herbert being the name the woman behind me in line named him. It stuck. He looks like a Herbert.

Herbert really is rockin’ the rustic vibe with all those pine-cones, twigs and burlap. His facial expression though for me is priceless. He really does appear to be quite shocked at being called a Llama.

Llama is the One Word Photo Challenge from Tourmaline this week.






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Let the countdown begin! (WPC: Transition)

Yea, it’s finally December hence the countdown can now officially commence. Only twenty-three days and some hours to go but hey, who’s counting?! I AM!!!


Making the TRANSITION (the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week) from everyday life to… the build-up to Christmas life… woo hoo!!!