One lone Crafty wolf (OWPC: Craft)

We came across this magnificent wolf, created entirely from driftwood, whilst touring Vancouver Island. Standing upon a mirrored stand, he took pride of place in a restaurant in Tofino. What a CRAFT to use driftwood in such an ingenious way!

One Crafty Wolf

If only my skills at blurring the background were as skilled, lol.😂 CRAFT is this week’s word for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge. 






Reaching for the Sky (Monochrome Monday)

There were beautiful blooms seemingly everywhere we looked yet it was these that really caught my eye. We stumbled upon this bed of ornamental grass heads whilst wandering around Tofino, Vancouver Island. Tofino Grass

As you can see, the flower bed was raised enough for me to get a capture without any distractions and best of all, no need for me to lie on the pavement… boo yah!




Shark Crossing (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge #25)


It’s embarrassing to admit but we must have been half way across this cross-walk at Tofino,Vancouver Island before I noticed we were being followed!

Shark Crossing

As to why there are sharks escorting pedestrians across the road I’m not sure, but there’s no denying, it certainly makes crossing the road a tad more interesting!


Cee's Odd Ball Challenge





Give the Truck a Hand (Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge)


As we crawled our way to Tofino, Vancouver Island, stopping and starting because of the road works, this “hand” dangling at the back of the tip-truck kept us all well amused.

Give the Truck a Hand

Don’t you just love it when others share your Odd Ball sense of humour, especially when you’re caught in traffic, lol! 🙂


Cee's Odd Ball Challenge

Crusted Couplings (MM2-14)


Last week for Monochrome Madness the theme from Leanne Cole Photography was water. Here is one of my other photos I was considering as a possibility for that theme, a forgotten chain at a pier in Tofino, Vancouver Island.

Crusted Couplings MM-14

When Leanne first suggested a once-a-month theme I won’t deny I was a little anxious if I’d be able to participate, would I be able to rise to the challenge? Oh the pressure, the angst, what’s a girl to do?

Well, now of course it looks as if I’m going to be enjoying the wonderful side-effects this once-a-month challenge gives me… the rejects! Oh yes, I always know EXACTLY which photo I would like to share, it’s just that by the time I scroll through my others images in search of it, I stumble upon one or two other possibilities.

These other possibilities may just get me through the rest of the month, maybe. This capture is actually from the same day I took last week’s submission, it’s one of the near-by pier-pylons where we disembarked from our sea-plane.

Chains such as these always leave me wondering…



OWPC: DRY – High and Dry

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells is… Dry.

Initially I was thinking along the lines of the Grand Canyon or maybe even the Hoover Dam, something at least with dirt and certainly not this!

High and Dry in Tofino!

When I stumbled upon this photo from when we flew over Tofino, High and DRY came immediately to mind, with high tides possibly the only exception. Perhaps not quite what was intended but it rocked my world, lol!



Just Another Bird down at the Beach (Wordless Wednesday)

Just Another Bird down at the Beach

Enveloped in Nature’s Beauty (WPC)

The Daily Post’s word for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is ENVELOPED… as was Tofino on Vancouver Island in nature’s most glorious colors both on land and water!

 Enveloped in Natures Colors

Hubby and Son surprised me on Mother’s Day with a sea-plane flight for the family over Tofino where we looked down upon this beautiful sight and so many other amazing sights. We also flew over glaciers, hidden inlets, islands claimed by sea-lions, and saw a mother humpback whale with her calf to name but a few.

It was such a wonderful treat – I feel so blessed to not only have seen some of Mother’s Nature’s finest work from above but to have a family that knows me so well and what’s more, wants to share these experiences with me!