A picture really is worth a thousand words! (WPC – Smile)

From the very beginning, my father and my son had a very special connection. Within months of my son’s birth, he was in my father’s arms as he sat at the dining room table doing crosswords.

Five years later when we were wandering around the Colosseum in Rome on a particularly blustery day, a piece of newspaper landed on the back of my son’s legs. For reasons unclear at the time, he kept ahold of this paper until we stopped for lunch.

Once our lunch orders had been taken my son requested a pen. Why? He needed to do the crossword of course. He then sat diligently filling in the squares. The fact it was in Italian was of little consequence. Oh how I love that boy!

And how I love how my son even now, over ten years later, still equates crosswords with his grandfather. This memory will always makes me smile tears of joy. Smile is this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.







Sultry Silhouettes!

For the last few weeks I’ve slowly been getting my 2012 scrapbook albums for the children assembled. This process is always always much easier said than done as I have a tendency to become lost in the memories of each of the photographs.

These are a couple of my favs from when we visited Sea World on the Gold Coast with the Godfather that year. We adults were taking a few moments sanctuary from the midday sun under a canvas-sail that was covering the “touchy feely” pools. These are the pools that contain harmless sea creatures that one and all are welcome to touch. Poor sea creatures is all I have to say 😦

Anyways as the children delighted in these poor creatures noises could be heard overhead. Looking up towards the sound this is what you saw…

Sultry Silhouette OneIt was if these birds were putting on their own show – some were socializers whilst others seemed to be absorbing the moment. Too funny!

Sultry Silhouette - too sexy for your shirt!

That canvas must have been so hot under their feet yet as they stood motionless was their inner-voice screaming… “mum, how much longer?”