Water Fuelled Train Tracks… huh? (Wordless Wednesday)


Water Fuelled Trains






Follow the Yellow Track Home (Fav Foto Friday)

Anytime of the year seems to be a good time of the year for a road trip around British Columbia. There is beauty at every turn. Everywhere you look its like a postcard.

Follow the yellow track home

As you can see, Autumn is definitely no exception. With the mist hanging low in the valley, the changing colours in the leaves and a winding train track, what’s not to love!






End of the Line (Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge #24)


Has society really come to this? Do we really have to state the obvious?

End of the Track

Seriously, if we aren’t told, we won’t know? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


Cee's Odd Ball Challenge



Stationery with a View!

As we made our way home from the Big Smoke on Sunday having filled our trailer with fire-wood in readiness for winter, we detoured by a store or two. At one of our stops just as I opened my door I noticed this scene which rather took my fancy.

By the side of the parking lot!

Wedged between the parking lot where we were and the train tracks on the other side there was this small slice of beauty.

Perhaps it was with the cloud-cover above (as if the cloud-cover is going to be anywhere else…) but the greens and yellows of this bush along with the browns of the long grass appeared almost glowing in the late morning light.

Ever so slowly I’m learning to “seize the moment” with my camera, trying hard not to be distracted whilst others in the background tap their toes as if to say… “mum, how much longer?”

Heading up the Highway!

The wonderful thing about heading up the highway here is that one feels they are driving off into a postcard. Even when it’s just 200km away to Prince Rupert, it’s such a beautiful adventure.

Old Bridge on the way to Prince Rupert!

For our anniversary last month we treated ourselves to a night in Prince Rupert. Some might not see this as much of a treat but for us it gave us a night away somewhere different.

Plus it allowed us some magnificent photo opportunities both on the drive up and back, as well as whilst we were there.

We ate, we fished, we shopped – all-in-all a wonderful 24 hours. The best part though, it was only when it came to “comfort” stops did we hear… “mum, so much longer?”