Love them Key West pelicans! (Wordless Wednesday)








Water water rafting in Costa Rica (Tourist Time)

That smile on my darling daughter’s face says it all. We had the BEST time white-water rafting in Puntarenas. The animals we saw along the river in-between shooting the rapids were absolutely incredible. Even those crocodiles swimming beneath us!

Over this summer vacation I’m taking trips of another kind. Of a Thursday I’m traveling down memory lane, reminiscing a little about all the traveling we’ve done to various parts of the world as a family!






Icelandic Horses (OWPC – Horses)

Icelandic horses may not be as tall as regular horses, plus they have that additional gait or two thing going on that makes them look like cartoon horses running, but this takes nothing away from their beauty. All those different colours – glorious!

When living in East Iceland we chanced upon these glorious creatures on our way back from an estuary where we’d been in search of puffins. We were too early for the puffins but these horses soon had us forgetting our disappointment.

Horse is the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells this week.




What was once road trip essentials! (Wordless Wednesday)









Borgarfjörður Puffins! (Tourist Time)

Where we lived in East Iceland was just a couple of hours away from Borgarfjörður, a tiny village with a bird estuary that provided a fabulous nesting ground for puffins and other bird life. For us it was the puffin that held our full attention!

Over this summer vacation I’m taking trips of another kind. Of a Thursday I’m traveling down memory lane, reminiscing a little about all the traveling we’ve done to various parts of the world as a family!





Showing a young man size doesn’t matter! (Tourist Time)

My then four-almost-five year old son seemed like such a big boy. Then he stands in front of one of the fifty-metre tall Arc de Triomphe pillars and he is immediately engulfed. Even the swords on the sculptures above him were taller than he was!

For something a little different, with the children getting older I’m going to use the Thursday’s over this summer vacation to take a journey down memory lane, reminiscing about the traveling we’ve done to various parts of the world as a family!







Going with the flow when traveling! (WPC – Delta)

We arrived at the Oazarazate airport at midnight where a car from our kasbah was to meet us. After 20 minutes with the airport all but deserted we rang to check on its whereabouts. They’d forgotten us, they’d be there in an hour!

Into the back of this tiny car with doors only opening from the outside, went our hand-luggage, two children and I with hubby sitting up front and off we went. Into the blackness of the night we drove and drove, leaving any signs of light far behind.

Despite the rough terrain under us convincing me this was our last moments together as a family we arrived at what was to be our beautiful two-storey home for the next week. Emotions changing from final good-byes to pure elation in a heart-beat.

A few days later we discovered all the bumping was from the dry river bed we had crossed. We did ask what happened when it rained however the only response was laughter. Guess there’s never enough rain to make any great change.

What I love most about this river-bed road is how the way to not only our kasbah but a small village before it, is marked simply with white arrows on the rocks. Oh. My. Goodness.

This week’s photo challenge prompt from The Daily Post is much like last week’s prompt of Transient, it’s Delta. The challenge being to share a photo that signifies transitions and change to you.








Focusing on Paris! (WPC – Focus)

Towards the end of our first visit to Paris, both children were bought a souvenir camera that contained images of sights we’d already visited or were about to visit. The children were more than delighted with the photos contained within.

How funny was it though whilst still traveling through Paris, Miss Almost-Three held up her toy to “film Paris“. She was so focused on her filming that at no point did she realize what was outside the window wasn’t what was within her camera!

Focus is the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this week.







Dancing to their very own tune! (OWPC – Friend)

There’s no denying traveling with young children changes the way you travel. Moments like this where my two little cuties were dancing together at the Colosseum in Rome will stay with me forever.

Seeing the world through their eyes allows you to see a world that might otherwise be missed. Plus, these two being such good friends made traveling with them a breeze.  

Friend is this week’s One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.





Dangerously Close (WPC: Danger)

Looking down from our cruise ship as we passed through each of the three locks along the Panama Canal, you couldn’t help but hold your breath on seeing what a narrow fit our ship was. It appeared dangerously close.

Danger! is The Daily Post Photo Challenge for this week.