A picture really is worth a thousand words! (WPC – Smile)

From the very beginning, my father and my son had a very special connection. Within months of my son’s birth, he was in my father’s arms as he sat at the dining room table doing crosswords.

Five years later when we were wandering around the Colosseum in Rome on a particularly blustery day, a piece of newspaper landed on the back of my son’s legs. For reasons unclear at the time, he kept ahold of this paper until we stopped for lunch.

Once our lunch orders had been taken my son requested a pen. Why? He needed to do the crossword of course. He then sat diligently filling in the squares. The fact it was in Italian was of little consequence. Oh how I love that boy!

And how I love how my son even now, over ten years later, still equates crosswords with his grandfather. This memory will always makes me smile tears of joy. Smile is this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.







Morning coffee on the Piazza (WPC – Face in the Crowd)

The memory of my little family sitting at a cafe located on the Piazza San Marco, listening to the live band behind us whilst we watched the many tourists around us creating their own memories, will forever be etched in my mind.

As we sat drinking in the atmosphere, complete with princess water bottle, each of us were simply another a face in the crowd enjoying the morning to those looking in our direction.

A Face in the Crowd in The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week.







Water painting on our Florence terrace… as you do! (Tourist Time)

When the weather is nice and your Florence apartment across from the awe-inspiring Duomo has a terrace, what else does one do but a little water painting. That is painting on the warm ground with sponges of water. Good times, good times!

Over this summer vacation I’m taking trips of another kind. Of a Thursday I’m traveling down memory lane, reminiscing a little about all the traveling we’ve done to various parts of the world as a family!





Teasing all our Senses (OWPC: Food)

It’s more than simply just the food when eating out. This was very much the case when we were visiting Tallinn, Estonia. The ambiance in the 300 year-old restaurant complete with a true bread-basket together with the food was simply divine.

It’s said we eat with our eyes but on this particular night all five of our senses were tingling with delight. Food is the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole-Wells this week.

Looking up Liberty’s Skirts – Wordless Wednesday

Here's looking up your Skirt Miss Liberty!

Snow Toppers

As interesting as the Prince of Wales Fort, a historic fort on Hudson Bay across the Churchill River from Churchill, Manitoba was, I couldn’t help but notice the waning vegetation around it.

Arctic Snow Topping

The children on the other-hand who weren’t enjoying the minus zero temperatures blowing on their faces kept asking… “mum, how much longer?”

City within a City!

After a morning of dark clouds and rain, having the sun out shining yesterday afternoon was such a treat but it was the reflections in the city buildings of the city that really caught my eye!

City within a City!

Having been watching “The Fringe” for the last week it didn’t take much for my mind to begin imagining “the other dimension” and wondering… “mum, how much longer?”

Travel Day… ugh! :(

I vaguely remember my first long-haul flight, it seems like a thousand years ago! I was moving to Germany to work but first was stopping in Los Angeles to visit a friend, then onto London to begin a tour of Scandinavia, Russia, and East Europe. It was all so exciting back then!

Now many, many flights later and traveling with two little people, it’s changed somewhat. There’s no denying however having someone to stay with the hand-luggage come wash-room time, or to be on luggage spotting duty on the carousel does lighten the load!

This morning as I stopped the alarm before it even rang at 2.15am, all I could think was that it was going to be a long, LONG day and I just wanted it to be over… and it hadn’t even begun 😦

There was no need to worry though as everything went exceedingly well. The shuttle arrived on time at 3.45am, the children enjoyed breakfast at the airport whilst I plunged into an extra-large coffee with extra shots. The sun rise over Brisbane airport was quite beautiful making the flight to Sydney that much better.

Sunrise over Brisbane Airport

Our next flight, from Sydney to Vancouver, was brilliant. Yet again we were being paged as soon as we stepped foot into the International Terminal but at least we knew from previous experience we still had time to stop for snacks and a little window shopping before heading to the gate. The ground staff couldn’t have been nicer, to the point they actually came up to me and offered early seating since we were a family. No fight for over-head locker space – BOO YAH!

For this flight the three of us were separated but that was okay, after such an early start no one was feeling particularly social anyways and were all hoping for a little shut-eye for a faster flight. Well, one can always dream can’t one as we head up into the clouds?!

Having one's heads in the clouds can be good sometimes!

As Darling Hubby had meetings in Vancouver he changed our flights and arranged an early check-in at the hotel so we could spend the night with him. It was soooo very nice walking into a hotel room knowing service was but a phone call away. Yep, I’d have to say this is a great way to deal with jet-lag as we almost immediately closed the curtains and were asleep!

We woke up in time for dinner and this – talk about the stars being aligned – this full moon was incredible!

Full Moon by HLR

Now it’s time for a midnight snack and we’re waiting for our pizzas to be delivered as our stomachs growl… “mum, how much longer?”

Once more out my Kitchen Window!

As promised I’ve resumed looking out my window once again and am NOT disappointed…

This time though I’m not looking out onto Mount Elizabeth, it’s the Pacific Ocean and not the Canadian one thank you but the Australian one! There’s something about waking up and looking out onto the ocean. I just love it!

Out my Kitchen Window

Our apartment also allows us to look up the Queensland coast and also over the Maroochy River, it’s simply beautiful! Yep there’s no denying it, if you have to visit family this is the place to have to do it, the Sunshine Coast – Queensland, Australia.

Looking up the Queensland Coast!

It’s always wonderful to be back as this is where I was lucky enough to grow up. Tough huh? Obviously it’s changed considerably from when I was born but so far all the changes have been for the best and both children enjoy visiting.

Unfortunately when planning these trips back to Australia its always met with dread due to the 15 hour flight from Vancouver to Sydney with a two-hour flight before Vancouver and the same after Sydney.

As this is now the children’s third trip (my forth) in two years the one thing I don’t hear anymore as both children catch up on all the latest releases whilst flying as there’s no movie theatre in Kitimat is … “Mum, how much longer?”